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Is our but to do and die? OR are we supposed to question WHY the heart of Liberty is in its questions "

Having remained relatively quite since the railroading of Ron in terms of voicing my opinion here, but having journeyed through nearly every DP post on occasions quite frequent it has become clear, at least to me that I must speakk my heart on a specific matter.
And that matter is, in the form of the questions we ask; for I believe it is in the questioning that we espouse our freedoms. Answers are nice, but are only derived because of the questions, and oft time it is because of the questions that answers become obvious.
Have we then the right to question, here at the DP? Or there, outside of a " free speech Zone ", if you think not then I question you as to why you are so timid? Are we afraid of the answers well receive; or is the price of silence greater than these?
Or worse, afraid of the price our EGO might pay in the asking of questions not approved of by a majority, even a majority of our peers? I say then and question those who fear such, where indeed is your value derived from, of God or of men? We, as a general rule strive to adhere to the fervor and fever of our Founding Fathers ( and Mothers, Happy Mothers day BTW ), my question then is which of these does your questing best emulate, if any at all?
Another conundrum is by which manner of speech shall we by way make inquiry? By corse and rude, or rather by subtitle and genuine concern? Oft time, the answer receive, or rather if answer we receive is based sole upon the manner and method of our delivery; irritating the source of the answer you seek is not sound principal and seems likely to meet with disappointment. Perhaps if questions were premised as if they we queried of oneself before verbalizing them we might find that which we seek. Another thought is allowing us all to be who we at times all are, imperfect; overlooking a past wrong can lead to future rights. If we as a eclectic group of like minded, liberty focused people, approaching it with all the ragged wounds of life in tow, each from unique perspective can make peace for sense of common purpose.....we might actually be able to elect a Libertarian, Liberty minded personage to the Oval office. And that for me is the answer to the question I seek.
But let me cease off then with this following and most important question: If we who seek liberty, deny libertys questions to be asked, who then is at liberty?

with all humility, knowing no matter the length of my stays, nor the wisdom of these words, some might question my motive: to them I say, nay rather I invite: question away my liberty minded friend, the answer you seek I may not have, but my ear I shall not turn away.

God Bless