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Illeism , is the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person.

illeism is used with an air of grandeur, to give the speaker lofty airs. Idiosyncratic and conceited people are known to either use or are lampooned as using illeism to puff themselves up or illustrate their egoism.
Thanks Mr. Spock for the link....

On a side note, my motives are not meant to be mean but if you are one that internalized this and takes it personal, I can't control your feelings and that's just how it goes. I just feel these subtle hints need to be floated out there because the behavior I am referring to is contributing toward some of the root division within us.

I don't want to see this place turn into a self promotional , omnipotent commercial for alter egos. That can be a real turn off and drive people away. Of course it's ok to participate and post and add opinion but frankly there is only one person that brought me here and that's Ron Paul.

Just thinking out loud and trying to be constructive...perhaps it's just my sole perspective and not shared by anyone else , I'm ok with that too..

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"A fishy speaks out", "stand

"A fishy speaks out", "stand with fishy"

People use it as sarcasm as

People use it as sarcasm as well, so many people try to read into things more then they should.

Ron Paul 2016

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Many former french kings used to express themselves that way.

Many former french kings used to express themselves that way.

Surprise, surprise: more often than not, those were also the most tyrannical ones the people had to live under. E.g., Louis XIV, also famous for saying: "I am the state."

I wonder how long it'll take ObaMARX to get to that point, btw. Because he will, have no doubts about that.

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"Patti Lupone (Eva) is known to Broadway audiences for her performances in..." http://www.playbillvault.com/Show/Detail/Whos_who/12263/1451...

For high school productions, there's always some kid who ends his bio with something like, "...David also enjoys Model U.N., playing guitar, and writing in the third person."

Of course, mdefarge realizes that that is not what this post is referring to, but rather dexterzyd's opinion regarding the use of the third person in everyday speech: "Illeism is used with an air of grandeur, to give the speaker lofty airs." She would simply like to point out that, actually, illeism "can have a variety of intentions depending on context," including a usage to "impart humility." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illeism

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I was looking for that one! I want to post it up top....

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As in "Skippy d is coming out"?

Actually I picked that up from Smudgepot. So what does THAT say oh mighty judge of DP personalities? What does your pyscho dictionary say about people that look crap up and post it as though they are superior on a regular basis? Who made you the internet psycho doctor anyway? This is the third post you have made about this crap mr know it all. It is getting old.


Is that shirt fitting a little tight on you?

I'm not feeling real defensive, are you?

Perhaps your issue is with Wikipedia, it's their definition.

I'm no more importantant than you are. No superiority complex here....just calling it as I see it.

I like the "DAILY PAUL" , I think that's still it's name right?

No need for hostility ,

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I am constantly guilty of

I am constantly guilty of that. I am always referring to myself as "Mommy" with my kids. What's the big deal?

Josh wonders what the context of this post is.

He is curious as to what prompted the author of this thread to post it.

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I love Smudgepot

Are you talkin' 'bout him? You better not be.

The great

silentboom thinks you are wrong.

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What's it called when one refers to himself in the plural?

We used to crack up our ex-ladyfriend in that manner after she accused us of having multiple personalities.

Anyhoo, she also would giggle every time we used the word 'anyhoo.'

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

The Royal Plural. I've

The Royal Plural.

I've always used it in my own language because I was raised in Awadh(Lucknow). Had to take a lot of stick as soon as I moved to schools in other cities =D

I cursed my luck for having been born in pretty much the only city where it was the norm among the community.

That is why I so gladly embraced English later in my early years, at least in English I said 'I' instead of 'We' =)