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Michelle Bachman makes scathing charges against Obama administration

Rep. Michele Bachman excoriates the Obama administration's use of the IRS to target political opponents during an election. Bachman, a former IRS attorney, is uniquely qualified to make the charges, and understand nuances within the tax agency. Additionally, she is in a position to take action. George Will reminded Sunday talk show viewers, that use of the IRS as a political weapon, was one of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon. Bachman believes the administration's 'embarrassing' release, coming as a 'dump' on a Friday, was designed to take the head off of the Benghazi scandal.

Why Obama released embarrassing IRS bombshell

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Becase is all a distraction from immigration, bengazy, gun control, that is what is all about.
The immigration bill is all about open boarders and no one can see it, bengazy is just like fast and furioso no one to blame a specially miss Clinton she needs a clean slate so she can run more time for President and Bachmann she is playing a game so she can run too and spoiled for Sarah Palin
This is what is about.


Obama should've been

Obama should've been impeached from day 1 of his first term as President.

He's hiding behind each scandal

to avoid the other. What a dilemma. ;)

If the two sides came together, where would he hide?

Just open the box and see

Bachmann was used by the neo-cons to sink Ron Paul

And split the Iowa vote. She's a total neo-con idiot.

Keep in mind the head of the IRS up until this year was a neo-con appointed by Bush.

The RNC establishment wants this story to go away which is why every time it is brought up they can only say "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi"

The RNC is threatened by the Patriot and Tea Party groups. I guarantee you they probably helped the Dems corrupt the IRS.

However she's been used,

she's right, and she's in the House. She was also once an ally of the good Dr., and attended his weekly meetings. While it's possible to define and dismiss people for this and that position or association, it's also possible to create coalitions and allies on common ground. The IRS is going to send us all a new form in January with questions about our health and medical history. Would you not like to see people wake up about how corrupt this whole thing is? WND was also a victim of the Clinton's use of the IRS as a political weapon. I'm glad to see her making noise. It's her job.

I agree with most of what you said

I just don't like politicians diminishing the scale of this controversy by saying it's only to cover up Benghazi. Bachmann has said that, John McCain has said that, and Lindsay Graham has said that.

The IRS scandal is far more important than Benghazi. This affects us directly. On home soil. Each and every one of us who self identify as patriots, defenders of liberty or tea party patriots.

Who do our organizations threaten more, the establishment Dems or the establishment Republicans?

As for Bachmann, yeah she mixes some truth in there, but I don't put much stock in her messaging in general.

Stock in her messaging?

I want her to do something about it. Diminishing the scale? I'm not seeing that.

"It now is an entirely reasonable question for the American people to ask," she said. "Will Obamacare be so politicized and misused?"

That's a great question. I am firmly behind any ball rolling in that direction. I don't care who is pushing it. These politicians blow with the wind. We're the wind. We ought to fill her sails in that direction.