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Don't do it Adam.

Okay, I know that Adam Kokesch reads the Daily Paul, I also know that he is an active participant and I also know he has responded to my posts. Don't ask me how I know this but I just know.

Adam I'm hoping if there's any post that you ever read it will be this one.

I see four possible scenarios coming out of this armed march and only one would be good.

Scenario number one:1000 people show up for this march. As the mob moves across the bridge they are met by the DC police, the FBI and the Secret Service. Guns are drawn, helicopters fly up above, tanks are blocking the entrance.

A loudspeaker shouts for all those to throw down their weapons. Some do some don't. Confusion sets in, shots are fired from the crowd. Deadly snipers bead in and return shots into the to the panicked crowd. Panic strikes the mob as the terrified police move in with itchy trigger fingers because they are facing heavily armed civilians a bloodbath occurs 15 people are down in the melee.

FBI, Secret Service. DC police and Virginia police move in from both sides of the bridge. Paddy wagons are called and everyone is placed under arrest. Some give up willfully and some don't. A bloody massacre occurs. And Adam and the instigators receive maximum penalties.

The press has a field day and labels Adam and the angry mob a bunch of tea party terrorists. Newspaper readers from throughout the world frown and shake their heads as they read about the bloody massacre and think to themselves these guys are a bunch of whack jobs they need to be locked up and we need more gun laws to protect us from these weirdos.

Scenario number two:100 people show up for the armed march as they try to march across the bridge they are blocked by the DC police, the FBI and the Secret Service. Adam and the mob manage to turn around and they are met on the other side by the Virginia police, Secret Service and FBI everyone is arrested.
Everyone in the crowd is arrested, guns are confiscated and the mob is fingerprinted and put on terror watch lists.

Press has field day as they label participants crazy nut jobs who were turned around and defeated and could not even step 1 foot inside DC. Newspaper readers frown and think to themselves , what kind of crazy terrorists are these guys we need to have more gun laws to prevent these nut jobs from running around.

Scenario number three: 12 protesters show up for the armed march. They cross over the bridge and they are stopped by an overwhelming mob of DC police, FBI and Secret Service. They are told to march back across the border to Virginia where they are met by an overwhelming army of Virginia police, FBI and Secret Service. They are all arrested handcuffed and fingerprinted before they even get to the other side of the bridge.

The world media has a field day. Labels this small crowd of 12 just a bunch of dopey gun freaks and lunatics. Newspaper readers frown and say to themselves what a bunch of nut jobs. We need stronger gun laws to protect us from these idiots.

And finally, scenario number four: Adam and 1000 marchers move across the Virginia bridge into DC. They are met by overwhelming amount of DC police,FBI and secret service,and they can do nothing to stop them.

Adam has made a brilliant move and gained world media attention and decides to march with water pistols and pop guns and anything else that is not illegal. And all the feds can do is shake their heads as Adam and the crowd waves and marches by. Adam and the crowd peacefully march to the capital and down Pennsylvania Avenue to a cheering crowd at the White House.

Adam has gained worldwide attention and pulled off the most brilliant protest stunt in American history. He has successively marched through the whole state capital and successfully marched right back over the bridge with no arrests and no shots fired.

He has managed to prove a point about the importance of Second Amendment rights without any violence or any arrests. Adam, appears before a frowning David Gregory on Meet the Press. Gregory asks"so what were you trying to prove here".Adam," well we changed our mind and decided to only stage a choreographed march with choreographed weapons because we wanted to prove that even though it is unconstitutional to stop us from carrying weapons we are responsible gun owners and would like to show the world that we take safety first as all responsible gun owners should and we see no need in trying to instigate violence. Adam then smiles back at a frowning Gregory and says"I believe that someday we will be able to march legally throughout DC with loaded weapons and we're working to change that so we can."

And now the joke is on the media, newspaper readers throughout the world smile and say to themselves," you know our Second Amendment rights are being eroded maybe these tea party guys are right maybe someday I will be able to march through DC with loaded weapons". Adam and the marchers are hailed as heroes.

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Why is everybody freakin'?

The Supreme Court already said that D.C. was breaking the LAW with their gun 'regulations." Adam has the the Supreme Court behind him already......they ruled on this five years ago. Why can't anybody understand this. What he's doing is well within the law...a provocateur is another story. But with all the patriot cameras and the media there, it will be next to impossible...IMO

many dp users love to freak

many dp users love to freak out. They are scared of freedom. They need to be held so the itsy bitsy spider doesn't hurt them.

Ron Paul 2016

Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones, and Peter Schiff, and Dr. Paul, and

And Rand, and Gerald Celente, and Doug Wead, and Charlie Sheen and Oliver Stone, and we are change and all at the daily paul, and Tom woods, and KRS-One, and professor Griff, and Rosanne Barr, and Vince Vaughn, and Max Kaiser, and Jordan Maxwell, and Korn, and the 10's of thousands whom came out for Ron Paul town hall Keaton's, and Webster Tarply, and Michael Tsarion, and doug Stanhope, and Donna Di Ericho, and all the congressman and women, and Senators, and hundreds of Dr. Paul supporters whom were active community organizers and registered staunch republicans, and new blue republicans (like Robin Koerner) and john stossell and the far left life lOng Dems whom weren't going to settle for another 4 years and apologized to me for not voting for Ron in 2008, and were joining our movement in mass, and Johnny "rotten" Lydon, and all the wonderful Authors, and cavalcade of famous musicians, and Socially loved celebrities of whom along with world class scholars, and Peter Thiel, and ALL OF US, and Our Loved ones, and etc. etc. etc. SHOW UP, in Mass beyond Sleeping giant waking up and take this real world issue of Tyranny and unchecked power and banker scumbags pillaging, and murdering, and lying, and TRUE BELIEVERS IN LIBERTY, AVENGING THE DEATH OF THIS NATIONS TRUE DESTINIES, and showing the monstrosity and outright conspiracy on WE THE PEOPLE, THE FEDERAL RESERVE/ IRS SIAMESE TWIN DEMON SPAWN THRU THE BRUTALITIES REAL LEGACY AND NOVELTY OF WHICH MAKES ME SAD FOR ALL HUMANITY, when there are some of you hear who'd criticize this Dicotimy, the wisdom of ALL NAMED HERE, and perhaps our sweet opportunity, TO POSITIVELY ACCEPT THIS CALLING OF ALL OF US and use Technology, these forum things, and all other things that make up the millions truly who have less then two months to JOIN ADAM AND ALL THAT WE SHOULD QUICKLY MOVE WITH HIS PLAN OF GREAT SIMPLICITY, to take the higher rode and give all and all and show up in numbers where publicity would be something so amazing in it covering every media outlet, twitter. Face book, My space , radio, network and transmitting news and entertainment industries with a viral so viral that in one fell swoop we could refresh everything!!! By having sheriffs and active military, ARREST THE KNOWN SCUM from the bush Cheney, Gingrich , Obama , bill and Hillary, holder, Reno, Biden, brazinski, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Dulles brothers, CIA anti us agents and provocators and black water agents, and monsanto executives, and Goldman Sachs bankers, and federal reserve /IRS, TSA DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND terror inc . And the likes of some 5,000- 10,000 criminals whom we know to be in DC that 4th of July 2013 day of RECKONING
WILL BE THAT OF THE TRUE new REVOLUTION!! And ultimately showing numbers of real patriots who will only fire if fired upon, and do you think theyd be able to have there forces and reserves armed to the teeth maybe but outnumbered almost 100,0Oo to one, be able to stop us, don't u see it's now or never, as we could then take bake our nation, show the world our true nature and intentions, over turning in a declaration all the military industrially complexes mass mind control, and demand we stop our participation in imperialism and destruction of this planet further by officially ending our pursuit to start ww3 in the middle east, whole hearted apologize to the iraqi's, and every other nation whom we've been bitch ass bullies, and start our new nation ADOPTING DR PAUL'S BEST IDEAS ON GOLD, interventionalism and fiscal conservatism and bring our neighbors i.e the liberals and neocons who would be so shitting themselves and we can maybe share in such a wonderful scenario of which the fOunders would be alive in spirits and the world could actually believe in the greatest of true libirties in full bloom and that is the American dream not blasphemy but unity/undivided. A chance that if we don't the federal reserve big brother police state will find us sOoner then I'd like to believe. This rant is for truth and honesty and is a further calling to stand ready and with Adam in what could be the greatest Coup and bloodless revolution ever to know history!! It really could be this easy!!! Peace love and wisdom.

Duane Allan Smith
Interplanetary One


That was an easy read.


Scenario #5

After all the hype and preparation for confrontation, 5000 peaceful demonstrators turn up, armed with nothing but cameras to video the response to a peaceful, lawful demonstration.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

SteveMT's picture

Why would Adam Kokesh want to do this?

The extremes in terminology will be used in calling Adam Kokesh either a Patriot or a crazy man. Such extremes were used to describe the Founding Fathers as well. So be it. Does Kokesh have the right to march on D.C. even if one other person shows up to accompany him? Yes is the only answer. The neo-Nazis marched on Skokie, IL in the mid-1970s, a city with a very high Jewish population, because it was their right to do so. Does Kokesh have the same rights as the neo-nazis?

After what Kokesh experienced with this police brutality at the Jefferson Memorial, he doesn't need to prove anything else to anyone. Yet, he intends to.
RT's Adam Kokesh brutally arrested for dancing at Jefferson Memorial


I think this is a really bad idea Adam....

You will force the liberty cause to take a step backwards... Just look what Alex Jones does for us....I many times agree with him....but his rants and escapades discredit the liberty movement. Willfully breaking the law with an open carry march will cause a seen...which will not help us.

Don't do it...

Just a thought

What makes you think that they will allow you to mass there in the first place? If i was them, i would strike and arrest before the numbers gather to threaten my supperiority. If it must be done, city will need to be infiltrated in vehicles, then you dismount.

A Tale of Two Cities

Oakland, California: Police break up an "Occupy Oakland" march, fire tear gas canisters DIRECTLY into an UNARMED crowd, fracturing the skull of an Iraqi war veteran. Violence and arrests follow, but NOBODY from the police is prosecuted.

Phoenix, Arizona: A few weeks after Oakland, Arizona Border Militia carrying AK-47s "locked and loaded" position themselves between "Occupy Phoenix" protestors and police, with their backs to the protestors. The leader of the militia makes it clear they will SHOOT the police if they commit ANY violent acts. The "Occupy Phoenix" march ends peacefully. Some protestors were arrested, but this was long after the march.

The lesson here is "I have the natural right to protect myself with the weapon of my choice and I am prepared to die to defend that right. Is the DC Chief of Police or his officers prepared to die to deny me that right. If they are, I will die like a man, they like something less. I heard Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell say Adam and his marchers are "not libertarian". Well, then, I guess they are just patriots. It is easy to talk about liberty; it is a whole other thing to practice it.

If I am physically capable, I will stand with Adam on these conditions:

o I will NOT stand down
o I will NOT surrender my weapons
o I will NOT submit to unlawful arrest

If this is NOT acceptable, then, I agree, don't do it.


If I spend, not you, but if I spend any time, which is decades of time, day in, day out, decades of time, which is time, considerable amounts of time, spent, consumed, used up, lost, lost, lost, time, on calculating the numbers of moral, honest, human, equitable, reasonable, non-aggressive violent, but unequivocally defensively violent people.


On Earth

I fear for those few people who I call THE LEGAL CRIMINALS.

I can be compassionate.

I can be almost as evil as those two evil choices.

Not as evil.

If you can consider the realities of Liberty...

Might you be more mighty?

Might you be, in some measurable way, some actionable way, able, capable, and in reality, standing on the corpse of a defeated fraud?


Then get out of the fucking way asshole.

Should I be censored for what?

You tell me since, to me, you are the example of false dictatorship.

It is a lie.

It is well past time to know better.


Excuse my error.

I responded too soon, before reading the entire, honest, generous, offering of information.

I went off, as they say, half cocked.

Yes, me too.

If you are going to do the right thing, and do it right, with the right numbers, of course, I too will consume everything I own, everything I hold dear. of course, to wipe out tyranny.

Who invests in tyranny, looking for something for nothing?

Please accept my error in rash action.


Hearing the news

I am against armed marches, it's like walking around with a live grenade in your hand, and has the potential for disaster, resulting in nothing good.
If it occurs and something goes badly wrong, it would be nice to hear that "upon hearing the news on their car radios" 10,000 beltway commuters decided to stop, exit their vehicles, and set them on fire.
Now that would get someone's attention...
A ring of fire around the Beltway in solidarity with Adam the Man.

It should be more of a question....

What should you do? Instead of telling non-violent civil disobedience persons what not to do.

It should be more of a question....

What should you do? Instead of telling non-violent civil disobedience persons what not to do.

I am willing to march right alongside Adam

If he chooses to do # 4.

SteveMT's picture

"As the mob moves across...." "Mob?"

A "mob" is a very poor choice of words. You are showing much prejudice by using the word mob. How about "demonstrators" as in exercising their First Amendment Right of Assembly as guaranteed by the Constitution?

No in #4

I called them marchers.

SteveMT's picture

Yes in #1

"Scenario number one:1000 people show up for this march. As the mob moves across the bridge they are met by the DC police, the FBI and the Secret Service. Guns are drawn, helicopters fly up above, tanks are blocking the entrance."

if a thousand people show up

the paramilitary will let them walk

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

Dont kid yourself

Secret Service will use deadly force if armed protestors get anywhere near the White House.

SteveMT's picture

Remember this?

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ...
And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
It is its natural manure." - Thomas Jefferson

Are you going too march.


bigmikedude's picture

Can't help but wonder if all these downvoters on this thread

that says "Don't do it Adam" will be there with the marchers, or safe at home behind their keyboard when it happens...

Scenario # 5

They march hassle free through Washington. Go home. No Press.
That's how I'd handle it if I were in charge of the corrupt DC system.

My personal favorite

Scenario # 6 DC Police are all Oathkeepers and decide to march WITH them. (Except for the Chief who really blows a gasket on all the MSN channels.)

bigmikedude's picture

Scenario # 5

Adam Kokesh is unknowingly distantly related to George Jones (A.K.A. - No Show Jones) and never shows up at his gig, leaving DC police, the FBI, the Secret Service and the Virginia police standing there with their thumbs up their asses trying to figure out where to go for lunch.

Hey Dude!

I can take that line of thought and go all kinds of places with it, nice work.

I think this is the foundation of the POINT.

Blind Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question a.k.a. a Monopoly Power of a few having absolute control over their targeted victims.

Anything under The Sun accept A above.


Liberty versus Despotism (Legal Crime)

OK, check this video out I am going to link, and tell me if I got your message or not, please.



bigmikedude's picture


I was being entirely sarcastic. There was no real point other than a hilarious picture/scene left at the end after blowing the fired up jackboots a ghost - All that testosterone built up, ready for an arrest frenzy and nothing to do now.

By the downvote tsunami you can see that too many around here are long overdue for a break from DP, and especially AJ.


Actually the accurate word, if I am not mistaken if false.

You wrote:

"I was being entirely sarcastic."

You tell me what the accurate word might be, if you were to actually be accurate, which is to say that you were being serious, at worst, and accurate at best.

Can I write the accurate version that may work to communicate more accurately for you?

How about this:

"I was being entirely false."

If not, if you were being funny, ha, ha, ha, ha, so, so, so funny, the topic is like, hey, this if so funny, so I can be, well, I can be entertaining, or, or, or, sarcastic, with this funny stuff, so hey, dude, how about fun stuff, what, comic relief, and the joke, is so funny, so, so, if you don't get it, then, what, I guess the joke is on you?


I'm now so, powerless, having been made the fool by your sarcasm.

I should learn to know better, as if that is a revelation.


bigmikedude's picture

You completely lost me.

There was no sarcasm meant for you or your reply.

Lighten up bud, it wasn't at you.

I did



scenario # probably going to happen

Adam will coordinate with DC Police. The protesters will cross the bridge, and be disarmed one by one then arrested in a scripted and peaceful manner.