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Don't do it Adam.

Okay, I know that Adam Kokesch reads the Daily Paul, I also know that he is an active participant and I also know he has responded to my posts. Don't ask me how I know this but I just know.

Adam I'm hoping if there's any post that you ever read it will be this one.

I see four possible scenarios coming out of this armed march and only one would be good.

Scenario number one:1000 people show up for this march. As the mob moves across the bridge they are met by the DC police, the FBI and the Secret Service. Guns are drawn, helicopters fly up above, tanks are blocking the entrance.

A loudspeaker shouts for all those to throw down their weapons. Some do some don't. Confusion sets in, shots are fired from the crowd. Deadly snipers bead in and return shots into the to the panicked crowd. Panic strikes the mob as the terrified police move in with itchy trigger fingers because they are facing heavily armed civilians a bloodbath occurs 15 people are down in the melee.

FBI, Secret Service. DC police and Virginia police move in from both sides of the bridge. Paddy wagons are called and everyone is placed under arrest. Some give up willfully and some don't. A bloody massacre occurs. And Adam and the instigators receive maximum penalties.

The press has a field day and labels Adam and the angry mob a bunch of tea party terrorists. Newspaper readers from throughout the world frown and shake their heads as they read about the bloody massacre and think to themselves these guys are a bunch of whack jobs they need to be locked up and we need more gun laws to protect us from these weirdos.

Scenario number two:100 people show up for the armed march as they try to march across the bridge they are blocked by the DC police, the FBI and the Secret Service. Adam and the mob manage to turn around and they are met on the other side by the Virginia police, Secret Service and FBI everyone is arrested.
Everyone in the crowd is arrested, guns are confiscated and the mob is fingerprinted and put on terror watch lists.

Press has field day as they label participants crazy nut jobs who were turned around and defeated and could not even step 1 foot inside DC. Newspaper readers frown and think to themselves , what kind of crazy terrorists are these guys we need to have more gun laws to prevent these nut jobs from running around.

Scenario number three: 12 protesters show up for the armed march. They cross over the bridge and they are stopped by an overwhelming mob of DC police, FBI and Secret Service. They are told to march back across the border to Virginia where they are met by an overwhelming army of Virginia police, FBI and Secret Service. They are all arrested handcuffed and fingerprinted before they even get to the other side of the bridge.

The world media has a field day. Labels this small crowd of 12 just a bunch of dopey gun freaks and lunatics. Newspaper readers frown and say to themselves what a bunch of nut jobs. We need stronger gun laws to protect us from these idiots.

And finally, scenario number four: Adam and 1000 marchers move across the Virginia bridge into DC. They are met by overwhelming amount of DC police,FBI and secret service,and they can do nothing to stop them.

Adam has made a brilliant move and gained world media attention and decides to march with water pistols and pop guns and anything else that is not illegal. And all the feds can do is shake their heads as Adam and the crowd waves and marches by. Adam and the crowd peacefully march to the capital and down Pennsylvania Avenue to a cheering crowd at the White House.

Adam has gained worldwide attention and pulled off the most brilliant protest stunt in American history. He has successively marched through the whole state capital and successfully marched right back over the bridge with no arrests and no shots fired.

He has managed to prove a point about the importance of Second Amendment rights without any violence or any arrests. Adam, appears before a frowning David Gregory on Meet the Press. Gregory asks"so what were you trying to prove here".Adam," well we changed our mind and decided to only stage a choreographed march with choreographed weapons because we wanted to prove that even though it is unconstitutional to stop us from carrying weapons we are responsible gun owners and would like to show the world that we take safety first as all responsible gun owners should and we see no need in trying to instigate violence. Adam then smiles back at a frowning Gregory and says"I believe that someday we will be able to march legally throughout DC with loaded weapons and we're working to change that so we can."

And now the joke is on the media, newspaper readers throughout the world smile and say to themselves," you know our Second Amendment rights are being eroded maybe these tea party guys are right maybe someday I will be able to march through DC with loaded weapons". Adam and the marchers are hailed as heroes.

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Well if thats the case

I hope that Adam and the protesters have millions of dollars for lawsuits because they are going to wind up paying for all the extra security it going to take to arrest them.

Desperate people do desperate things

Adam has become desperate.

This is demnstrably false

The thing I see, which can be my error, of course, but none-the-less, my measured viewpoint, with care, is such that Adam Kokesh is very close to offering a very reasonable, very moral, very intelligent, very creative, very powerful, very strong, very good, very honorable, very honest, very productive, very right, very legal, very understandable, very communicable, very contagious, very legitimate, very liberating, but, unfortunately, a potentially very damaging event.

I want to attend.

I want to attend this event and I want to run it.

I want to go in, get the worst of them, hold a trial by jury, and the 12 jurors, picked randomly, find guilt, or innocence, and those 12 jurors order the punishment that will be executed upon those criminals, and I hope, beyond hope, that the punishment is not a torturous death by hanging, rather, I hope that the guilty are found guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, of treason, and worse crimes, and that they are punished with fines, and their punishment is an obvious reduction in their power to commit further heinous crimes.

But I'm not the one leading this defensive effort. Even if it is a false form of a defensive effort it is yet, still, exactly that, and therefore it is genuine in that fact.

So what is your basis for your opinion? I want to know your viewpoint.

I can fill books with the foundations of my viewpoint on this event in our future.



This is my point I am offering a very reasonable creative way to do this without you having to worry about facing a harsh punishment. Please take my advise to heart ,son.


I have a father.

His name was Jack.

He had 1 daughter, 5 sons, and 2 wives.

He died of cancer.

I was able to see him before he died.

He confessed to me his thoughts on life while I had the time to visit him as he died.

You, person, are not my father, I know that my father is dead.

I speak to my father often enough. He was a source of great happiness to me all through my entire life, including now.

You, person, are not my father.

If you pose as my father I know, for a fact that you are FALSE.

Now what?

You tell me.

Should I expect something accurate or something false according to you, DAD?


Looking good.

I was looking for a good post on this topic, but I stopped reading at this point:

"Scenario number one:1000 people show up for this march."

That is baseless until shown to be in some accurately measurable way, based upon some actual, accurate, measurement, other than what, bovine scathology?

I will read further but I think it is important to comment on that set of words offered, published, on this forum, for some reason.

Why peg that number at that number?

Belittle the concept of armed human beings?

The information I am responding to is in quotes, and I can quote the information I am responding to again:

"Scenario number one:1000 people show up for this march."

The post was looking good, agreeable, reasonable, up to that point, and then the post I read turned bad, really bad, really bad, to me.

I can probably find another quote to repeat, and then comment on.

"Newspaper readers from throughout the world frown and shake their heads as they read about the bloody massacre and think to themselves these guys are a bunch of whack jobs they need to be locked up and we need more gun laws to protect us from these weirdos."

Now I seriously question the claims of credit due to the individual who publishes the words quoted above, since my estimate of this Adam Kokesh is such that there is no reason to read this hack job, this hit piece, and this what: yellow journalism?

Why read further if I were a Marine, active combat veteran, and in the wave of revolution?


Armed people actually going into what amounts to a foreign country, this Washington D.C. Legal Fiction YARD, with advance notice offered, is a very exceptional, wild, event of never before tried, or accomplished, use of HONEST EQUITABLE MORAL MILITARY POWER.

Even if the name Kokesh was hatched out of a massively powerful artificial intelligence computer program, sounding so much like Koresh, and this person is another patsy, another Manchurian Candidate, like the obvious examples of Lee Harvey Oswald, or Timothy James McVeigh (three names became too obvious?), even so, the event is OPEN SOURCE as far as I can tell, so far.

But, on that note, I've tried to join the forum for the March and have yet to receive the return registration e-mail.

Even if part of the plan is to gather up as many honest, honorable, equitable, moral, good, powerful, human beings, and slaughter them, or use them in an elaborate "Public Relations", Behavioral Modification, Manufactured Consent, Response Conditioning, Brainwashing, Campaign, even so, the facts available so far, prove that the INFORMATION WAR is already beyond the reverse of The Rubicon.

There is no way to spin this in favor of Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question.

This is exactly the worst nightmare of the supposed Elite, who are actually merely rats in the cage of their making, which may be "luxurious" by some material measure, or by some abstract measure of control over stupid people, or greedy people, or desperate people.

I'll read further, but the cost/benefit ratio here is quickly going well into the red.

I'm going to post what I've written so far, and then add to it, if possible.

I read further and found lower numbers.

Here is where whoever this is that is writing this hit piece has either a problem or I have a problem with perceiving reality accurately.

I think the idea of employing moral, honest, defensive, autonomous, individual, cooperative, liberated, reasonable, intelligent, force against immoral, dishonest, offensive, dictatorial, collective, derisive, enslaved, unconscionable, criminal, force, is such that the reasonable power knows the outcome with reasonable certainty before executing the action being willfully planned in advance.

The action, as far as I know, will be tailor fit to the numbers volunteering to defend liberty in this way, if I understand the words spoken by the individual named Adam Kokesh.

This thread is an opportunity, sure, but an opportunity to defend against an obvious case of ignorance, or willful distortions of the facts.


i'm not positive

but i think 1000 is the number adam is looking for before he'll march.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Some old news

This may be...

The word is rotten.

The concept is perishable.

I worked in concrete for many years, the market, not working inside concrete.

Concrete, like ice cream, does not last long in the sun, as a liquid in the first case and as a solid, more or less, in the second case.

Events are time sensitive.

So knowing the facts, such as time, temperature, etc., are important concerning the desired outcome.

How many are needed to End the Fed?

Please be accurate if you can with a welcome answer to the above question.

How many are needed to End the IRS?

Same qualifier on the answer.

How many are needed to find, get, try, and punish the worst 10 people on the planet Earth, justly, reasonably, publicly, when those worst 10 are threatening the end of life on Earth?

Ok, so I may have over-stated, or under-stated, this event.

You can, of course, teach me the facts, no?


You are lost Sir


This is the mentality of the other side

ready ... They want your arms ( Period )
... and they will use any and all means both legal and illegal to get them from you.

I am now GOING to this march and my mini 14 is coming with me

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!