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Welcome to The Movies!

It is a luxury that we enjoy living in this country, to be able to live life unaware of the things going on around us. Most of us can live our entire lives absent of any thought that doesn't center around one's self. A free society allows for such things. To live ignorant of the outside world. We don't wake up every day worried about dying from a terror attack. Most don't even worry about having enough food for the day. We're not constantly worried about these things but we do fear the possibility of them happening to us only when we witness them, whether through media or news outlets. Our emotions quickly take over screaming "someone has got to do something," and then we wait...waiting for the knight in shining armor to step forward and say "follow me." Hollywood has a knack for the dramatic and by the end of this movie, they got you chanting their hero's name.

The hero. The fictional character. The standard that we attempt to apply to all public figures. We rally behind this perception and we intentionally ignore any notion of wrong-doing because that's not how the story's suppose to go! Besides, you paid for this movie's ticket with your tax dollars and you want what your paid for. Not to mention that this is America and we don't tolerate bad guys. The hero stands tall, above it all - the slave to moral correctness.

Each story becomes it's own movie and with each new movie their emerges that fictional hero. The guy who says, "follow me." Too concerned with our own daily routines that we quickly apply judgement wanting to find the hero in this story. We don't have time for matters that don't directly impact us. Selfish really.

There have been many stories recorded, documented, or witnessed through our existence. In every one, the audience expects the hero to save the day. 50 years ago, the average movie ticket price was .86 cents. Today, it is well over 8 bucks. Make no mistake about, we will proudly pay to see the hero come to the rescue. Just don't expect the hero to fix the problem of there always being someone in need of help because if they did, well then box office revenue would plummet and the hero's name would be forgotten...

Welcome to the movies. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the popcorn...

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Mother all glory. All glory to Mother.

Taken as warning. Terror begins now. All terror Saturnalia. Bequest the Mother. Sabuleth Sallam Qua.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.