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Re-released: Messengers For Liberty - Episode 6 - Speak Out For Liberty!

Help share the message of individual freedom, speak out for Liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Politically I believe this whole message of individual liberty versus indoctrination by the dictatorship of the majority should bring us together. Right now we're not together, the pie is shrinking, the special interests are clawing away. They think well we have to spend more money on lobbying because there is not so much left and we know there is going to be a limit, no. I think what we should be doing is being more concerned on productivity. The monetary system was imperfect in the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century, it was not a perfect one. There is a better understanding now on economics on a better monetary system, so there's no reason why we can't pick up the pieces and move forward and have a better society. The soviet system was up against many more odds, the russians did not have the full understanding that we have in our country, we have a good history. We know something about our Constitution. We know about limited government, individual liberties, sound economic policy, and property rights and contract rights. We know something about that so it isn't like we have to invent it out of new, but what we have to do is decide which way we're going to go. I know which way I want to go because I want to live in a free society, I don't want to be a participant in a government or society that dictates through force and an understanding of what liberty is and isn't by telling people what to do with their lives, that should be your choice, it should be the choice of other people around the world and I am absolutely convinced if our goal should be peace and prosperity, this is the only way it can be achieved. You cannot achieve peace by war, preventive war, initiating war, that is not the way you achieve peace." -Ron Paul (21:46 - 23:26)

"The problems seem at time overwhelming and some people say how are we ever going to be able to get 51% of the people to endorse that, actually you don't have to, you just need an irate tireless minority whose willing to start these brushfires of liberty in the minds of men, thats what we need! So not only do I think there are many brushfires going on for the past thirty years, I think its approaching a forrest fire of interests, out of need! Out of need now that we have something different! That we can't continue this spending, we can't continue these wars, we can't continue if we want to live in a free society. So I see magnificent things happening. I see it on the campuses. I go to so many campuses, and if its truly a philosophical revolution, it has to come from the campuses. It has to be the young people, because the young people when they become middle aged and older unless they belong to a remnant who remembers true liberty, they will fall in the trap into becoming part of the status quo. So all great revolutions and change of ideas come from young people, energetic, willing to stand up and fight for a cause!" -Ron Paul (24:20 - 25:24)

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