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Doug Wead's Still Good Value

This is a couple of days old but it doesn't seem to have been picked up by the Paulites.

Doug reflects on Rand Paul's performance in Iowa (second item)


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Good Article!

Here are the results of voters most likely to vote in the 2016 Iowa Caucus.

Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul 39%
Florida Senator, Marco Rubio 20%
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie 11%
Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush 10%
La. Gov. Bobby Jindal 3%
Condoleezza Rice 3%

Rice?....not a chance

Boby Jindal? He's not natural born...sorry.

Jeb Bush...Well he is meeting with Bill Gates, Oprah and Bloomberg on an island this week. They're up to something. I really think Jeb running would cause a civil war. No one wants another liberal, but if facing another Bush it might cause people to self destruct.

Christie? He just got his stomach stapled so he could lose weight. He's OBVIOUSLY running. But conservatives now hate him because of his constant butt kissing and lovingly embraces with Obama

Rubio although not natural born and thus loses a faction of conservatives still has a shot although most people are realizing he has no substance and he's looking like a lame duck right now. He looks less like a leader and more like a Bush puppet. Even the Conservative radio people are mad at Rubio. Last I looked anyway.

That leaves Rand. He does have the best shot currently. I'm expecting massive disinformation and misrepresentation media hits to bombard him now. Not to mention hateful troll posts where ever you look. Can he weather the storm? Can anyone? I don't know. But he's good at charm, and good and communicating using common sense. I think he has a real good shot at holding public opinion in his favor especially if his base helps him. All other repubs look like Romney warmed over and Republicans are frantic to get the liberals out and to right the ship. They'll vote for who they think will do that.

Thought of this

If Rand runs for President, he should get Doug Wead on his campaign. I think he was the best addition to his dad's last campaign. Excellent for media interviews. Granted, Rand doesn't need a good spokesman as much as his dad, but it's still nice to have someone that good.

Still get Doug Wead's blog in my email.

and still a good read in my book...

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.