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Rand Paul smear backfires on WaPo

Many of the comments were supportive of Paul. This is backfire on them. Putting Rand's email in the MSM will only give it greater exposure and more under-informed will come our way.


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MSM Clowns

It even still contains the links to the petition and the donations page! You can go to a mainstream anti-Paul blog and donate money to stop the U.N. small arms treaty.

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The comments section there is

The comments section there is vomit inducing, people so willingly giving up freedom... for a little comfort now.

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I was posting over there

for most of the day. The article was getting so much attention, it was a great chance to educate people.

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A good book about the UN

A good book about the UN is Nathan Tabor's, "The Beast on the East River."


Met him at FreedomFest in Las Vegas in 2007.

Here are the Table of Contents (and remember, this was written in 2006):

1. Global Education Agenda
2. Global Land Use Regulation and Sustainable Development
3. Global Warming and Global Environmental Control
4. Global Population Control
5. World Trade and Global Taxing Authority
6. Global Justice and the International Criminal Court
7. Global Gun Control and a Standing World Army
8. The UN's Goal Really Is World Government
9. Saving American Sovereignty in the 21st Century

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