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Alex Jones, Rand Paul, Ben Swann, Adam Kokesh, and John Birch, to name a few are all shills?

If I'm to believe the multitude of posts I've been seeing on Youtube, Daily Paul, and every frankly every liberty blog out there, then all these guys are co-lintel neocon CIA double agents working for Israel. Never mind the good they've done. Never mind the issues they've brought to the forefront. Never mind the multitude of people they've collectively woken up. Never mind how they've promoted the ideas of liberty and helped bring it into the mainstream consciousness. No, they have to be shills because some post on a random website said so. And of course now that there are a plethora of such posts on random websites that drives it home that it must be true. Now that some of your friends are doubtful it must be true. We have been had. We should just all forget about it, disband, and go home to watch some baseball and Dancing with the Stars. You can't trust anyone anyhow so why try.

Pardon me for my sarcastic rant but I am wholly sick of this obvious tactic of "Divide the conspiracy people and the liberty people by feeding on their lack of trust". It's not that I ever trust anyone completely. How can you? But, I can accept the good that people do and give them the benefit of the doubt until they no longer deserve it.

If Alex Jones is waking people up to the issues of our day and the hope of returning to a nation of liberty, then take the good he's doing and hope he is able to do some more. If he makes mistakes on occasion as all humans do, determine for yourself if those mistakes are major or minor in the grand scheme of things. But don't let some random post on some random blog divide and conquer our united resolve to fight for freedom.

What people attempt and what they accomplish says more about their credibility than any unproven accusation toward them.

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listen to some...

Follow none.

Police doing door to door search in New Orleans.

The video is in a reply below, the shooter is quite clear. There has been no call for the public to help identify him that I see.
To the OP, I am not trying to hijack your excellent thread, I am trying to relate information that I think is important, and bump your post at the same time.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Bravo! peAce



Liberty = Responsibility

I agree...

that people are clueless, yet passionate.

I have been witnessing posts on facebook timeline how Kokesh is a shill because he gets media coverage for alex jones. Mind you, so does Ron Paul, and yet, the one making this astonishing claim is not able, nor comfortable, with going in 100%.

Either they are, or they aren't.

Take the knowledge, apply self reason - live and learn another day.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Trust, but Verify!

Ronald Reagan's comments are right on and in direct contradictions to FDR's, "faith and confidence" comments, as he worked to build a global government and give birth to the United Nations.


I think Trust but verify is a good motto because those who want us to have "Faith and Confidence" or "Hope and Change" don't have a good track record of defending our Liberty!

(No subject)

Trust no one Mulder.

Trust no one Mulder.

Vdieo of New Orleans shooter.

Clear as a bell, I'd say that kid did it, no questions asked.
If someone would please make a thread of this, feel free to leave my snarky comment out.


Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

How come they have not identified this shooter yet?

It took a little bit, but I did think of a question. Recently, there was a high profile case where the FBI mad e big show of asking for help identifying some people they apparently had already ID'd. I find it odd that there is such clear video of this person, and we don't know who he is already.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Good Post - It takes many avenues to Wake People Up!

Good Post - It takes many avenues to Wake People Up!

We are all individuals and will never agree 100% with others but need to look at the good that is being done by those who are waking people up to what is happening to liberty and freedom in this country.

Waking People up to recognizing there is a problem is the first step to a solution.

Me thinks Rand

Me thinks Rand is just playing politics with his support of Israel. Let him get into the white house and then let the truth come out.

Everybody thinks that AJ is either a Knights of Malta shill or an Israeli Stratfor co-intelpro shill.

Nobody has proof of either but I do know that Alex never talks bad about Isreal or the Vatican so there is something there.

Rand is not a libertarian...

Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. Rand endorsed Romney. Ron Paul did not. Rand Paul is a very pale immitation of his father. Rand Paul tried to get Abby Martin fired from her job for confronting him over his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Very suspect in fact.


Wake up...Its called politics

Its called politics. Sometimes you have to play favoritism in order to make due. Ron Paul speaks the truth, and Rand plays politics.

many voices serve only to provide a STEAM VALVE...

....Ron Paul inspired people to BECOME DELEGATES, learn Roberts Rules of Order, and confront Republican Kingmakers in person at all level, and TAKE SEATS.

Alex Jones is not "on par" with a Ben Swann BTW; in approach or delivery.

We'd best be WISE as serpents. It's more than OK to."follow the money", criticize associations and loyalties, and taboo subjects being avoided.

There's WAY MORE deception going on than most of us can fathom; to many, it's black/white support for AJ or AK, and, there's plenty of trolling going on ALL sites.

No patriot speaking out for Liberty is setting out to "divide" the movement from within, if they are, they.are no patriot. But likewise, don't be deceived so much(emotionally:, that you fail to realize this government doesn't FEAR us, or our rallies where we sometimes waste time, talent, and treasure...they did however FEAR Ron Paul's popularity and show of force at the convention!

The Republican Party is probably NOT worth "saving"; it is however an avenue to get elected...and unless someone who shares our ideals is NOT occupying a representative seat we have NO MECHANISM to fight back or diminish the tyrannical encroachments. Other than violence and a civil war.

What sucks, and I'll say it a million times; we're.still bitching about thieves and liars and murderers and broken campaign promises, and 2014 candidates aren't even a concern. We're just like the sheeple.watching the MSM; rendering an opinion, but taking ZERO action. We just listen to "our flavor" of "alternative media", and we don't recognize MANY of them are making merchandise out of people, and they WILL NOT be sharing/sacrificing their silver and other precious metals to get another Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate, or propel another Justin Amash into the House.

I was told years ago NOT to get involved in politics; as a born-again saint of the living God, the Scriptures say "a wise man winneth souls"! This experience has been a fantastic growing experience for me...I think though...many of us MUST realize, spiritually speaking, we cannot know the depth of what pure evil really looks like, nor how GOOD satan is as the master counterfeiter, disguising himself and his minions as "angels of light".

This country was destroyed, given over, indebted generations ago; but, while we still have the freedom to EDUCATE, we must....be it the Gospel, American History, the evil players, false flag terrorism, precious metals versus real money, WHATEVER it is....our favorite phrase is still, WAHOR.

As was said before me, TRUST no one; knowing what's at stake, keeping our eyes on the prize, every man is subject to inspection of his/her fruit as they "go public" in this cause. For my observation, I will forever recognize imprisoned creation evangelist Kent Hovind's CONTRIBUTION to shape my approach, philosophy, understanding of the deception going on...his material is WORTH a review by all of us...he bore no fruit that he was some charlatan making merchandise out of people and hoarding personal wealth...he knows, we're just pilgrims here, passing through....we can't take any of it with us when we go.

I Agree 10 Million Percent!

I trust the sensitive person before the bossy one anyday.


best post I've seen in a long time


The effort to purge liberty lovers of truth lovers is not new.

The very first Ron Paul meetup I attended, the very first thing the meetup organizer said to me, was "We don't talk about 9-11."
AJ is a drama queen, I don't like to listen to him now, but I bless him for all the truth he directed me toward, and for the people he continues to wake up. IF HE IS COINTELPRO they are not as good at is as I thought.
If we want the liberty movement to grow, we have to learn to appreciate the various talents and personalities that will join it. You see, calling names and even banning people from forums will not silence the truth, it will not even kick anybody out of "the movement." So, rather than sit around and complain about the people who bring you truth best they can, how about we learn to focus on the good EVERY HUMAN does and stop trying to guess what motivates them.
Our task in this life is to learn to be vigilant of what motivates US. We each have exactly ONE heart that we MIGHT be able to discern its motives, if we try really hard.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Trust Noone

Everyone is a super top secret cointelpro triple agent MK-ultra programmed Manchurian propaganda mole

This means YOU. Everybody but me.

Also - every conspiracy theory is true. All of them.

No... wait ...

Or was that none of them are?

Ok whatever. It's one of them.

I think you are correct in

I think you are correct in how you said people fall into an ideological trap and forget that the people we look up to in the Liberty movement are still just people with faults, occasional bad judgment and make mistakes.

I mean, look at our founding fathers. Most of them owned slaves, there is speculation that Thomas Jefferson impregnated one of his, Benjamin Franklin was a French whore monger etc.

These people set forth the groundwork for the American Republic, one of the greatest systems of (self) government. They were not saints or great heroic figures, they were everyday people with their own faults and misgivings that had a vision and executed it the best they could.

When Liberty comes to America again and our young children learn about Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Peter Schiff and Alex Jones in their history books, they will learn about spreading the message of liberty in the face of tyranny; not that Alex Jones maybe went too far on the Piers Morgan show, or that Adam Kokesh talked too much about DMT instead of politics, or that Rand Paul had to endorse Romney to keep himself viable in politics.

Just as the founding fathers were regular people thrown in an extra-ordinary situation, we too find ourselves in unprecedented times. And again, as ordinary people, we need to do what we can to push forward to overthrow the power structure just as those who came before us.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

John Birch is dead

I don't think he is a shill http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Birch_%28missionary%29

Of the rest of the group mentioned I only really distrust AJ, but he is probably just a buffoon and not a shill.

nice post

Anyone can say anything about anyone online. How do we tell the plants from the real deal? You got it right man. I think the Bible verse goes, "By their fruits ye shall know them."

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

sharkhearted's picture

BRAVO to this post.

Agreed 1000%

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Hanging out in the seedier parts of the net

like ABC, CNN, CBS and their ilk. ;)

Come back toward the light, and remember that it's desperation.

Just open the box and see

I don't think so--

Alex' voice makes me crazy. Rand is not Ron. Ben Swann I have heard of, but I don't know why/how he has fallen into disfavor. Adam Kokesh is extreme and probably has major PTSD; he has done some questionable things, yes. John Birch; his society has been hijacked (got funding from Rockefeller)--

but I know people who know Alex who say he is the 'real deal', a genuine article, even though he thrives on drama.

Rand is in the senate, and he has done some good things.

Don't know what the issue is with Ben; I thought he was pro-liberty.

Adam led the veterans in a march on D.C., and he got Ron Paul's name out there, even though at times he also appeared to be on the other side.

John Birch--I never knew him, just the society he founded, and one of the most brilliant lectures I ever attended was given by a John Birch leader (though I never joined the society)--

No human being is perfect. Take the good and leave the bad, I say.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--