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IRS Specifically Targeted Groups "involved in limiting/expanding government, educating on the Constitution & Bill of Rights,.."

Conclusion:Ron Paul and any groups supporting him were the targets of the IRS.
IRS Kept Shifting Targets in Tax-Exempt Groups Scrutiny: Report
By Kevin Drawbaugh and Kim Dixon 5-13-13 4:00 AM EDT

By July 2011, the IRS was no longer targeting just groups with certain key words in their names. Rather, the screening criteria had changed to "organizations involved with political, lobbying, or advocacy."

But then it changed again in January 2012 to cover "political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding government, educating on the constitution and bill of rights, social economic reform/movement," according to the findings contained in a Treasury Department watchdog report.[emphasis mine]

In March 2012, after Tea Party groups complained about delays in processing of their applications, then-IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman was called to testify by a congressional committee. He denied that the IRS was targeting tax-exempt groups based on their politics.

The IRS said on Saturday that senior IRS executives were not aware of the screening process. The documents reviewed by Reuters do not show that Shulman had any role.

In May 2012, the criteria for scrutiny were revised again to cover a variety of tax-exempt groups "with indicators of significant amounts of political campaign intervention (raising questions as to exempt purpose and/or excess private benefit)," according to a TIGTA timeline included in the findings.

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IRS Targeting pro-Constitution groups covered today on AJ

On today's transmission, Alex welcomes digital privacy advocate and talk radio host Dr. Katherine Albrecht to explain Google's eerie role in erecting a massive spy network against the people.

All this media attention

1 week after Obama says we are not ready to go to war with Syria, the MSM starts to eat him up. MSNBC throwing around the term impeachment. UK still pushing that the Assad regime is using chemical weapons, even as reports of rebel use are left out of the narrative.

What happens if Obama resigns: Joe Biden, proud member of CFR becomes president.



It seems to me that this

It seems to me that this story is directly related to President Obama when he recently warned graduates to ignore the voices that warn of government.


It's all connected.