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I Think the Establishment wants Obama out!

A week after Obama says we are not ready to go to war with Syria, the MSM starts to eat him up. MSNBC throwing around the term impeachment. UK still pushing that the Assad regime is using chemical weapons, even as reports of rebel use are left out of the narrative.

So hear me out.

Obama just recently said that he is not wanting to go to war with Syria.

This comes after he drew a line in the sand, that coincidentally officials say was crossed weeks later.

The establishment wants to go to war with Syria. Israel has been bombing. They can't make Obama budge.

Then a week later, these scandals are leaked. If Obama is forced to resign,the CFR's own Smokin' Joe earns himself a one way trip to the oval office.

Whatever the case maybe, there is a reason that we are being fed these scandals. I think they are done with Obama. Maybe I'm wrong. Your thoughts?

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and guess what Kevin...that could be you. Just have to put forth the effort and take some lessons on speaking and acting and get out of your comfort shell.

That's it!

Nothing more.

If we all made the effort to be better actors, guess what? The movement would grow.

So riddle me this...who in the movement have that kind of talent? Who has made the effort to BE that person?

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I think it's possible they want him out

My guess (and it's just a wild guess) is that they think he's losing credibility and they want to just pin everything on him but then leave the entire system in place (which is hardly a good scenario for the average person).


First of all, I have no reason to believe that Obama would not go to War with Syria. After all, he has already gone to War with Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and has accepted the false pretext behind the attacks made upon Iran. He's even got Troops in places in Africa, and he also got the CIA to infect Hugo Chavez with Cancer and die on his watch (something even Bush-Cheney couldn't accomplish).

Secondly, he is the key clown that is pushing for Social Security cuts. Even Paul Ryan's budget and Boehner's budget never included actual Social Security cuts. So Obama is clearly ahead of the curve in acting out The Establishment's most prized wishes.

But I agree that anytime you see a coordinated barrage of News Stories (whether scandals or not), you are seeing the deliberate manipulation of popular opinion at work, and this can have political consequences. Obama deserves to be Impeached for many reasons (as an instigator of Worldwide War, Torture, and numerous violations of the Constitution), but the days of a true impeachment in this Country are over, and that will never happen again (unless an anti-War, anti-Wall-Street, pro-worker, truth-teller like Dennis Kucinich was in there).

I think The Establishment wants to control the narrative, but Obama has never threatened them, and it is hard to not look at Obama and fail to say that he's already their boy!

I dont buy it

Dont forget, Obama didnt come up from within the establishment like all the rest(Bush, Clinton, etc...). I believe he was just an unsuspecting socialist who really thought he was going to do the right thing. I think at first they strung him along convincing him that it was the only way to do business as POTUS. It seems like he thinks he should have a little more control than he does. Especially now that he has been re-elected. With his legacy already tarnished by drone warfare, he doesn't want to have the black eye of Syria on his record. Remember, he came up as a war hating liberal.

If there will be any resistance from him, it will be on these issues.


Absolute Nonsense...

Absolute Nonsense:

1. Obama grew up in a well-heeled Military-CIA Family (step dad and mother). Somehow this undistinguished kid, named Barry Soetoro, who was an admitted coke experimenter, nonetheless magically got fast-tracked into Harvard Ivy League -- the very kingpin of "The Establishment".

Obama was/is Establishment all the way. This is also self-evident by the fact that the Corporate-CIA controlled U.S. Media made him a Star to begin with, and manufactured his meteoric rise to stardom out of whole cloth, despite having zero credentials......all over just some mere speech (that said nothing of consequence at all aside from a bunch phony and empty platitudes).

2. Obama is not a "socialist". His track-record shows that he is clearly a right-wing Corporatist and Neocon (Fascist). Not only is he the furthest thing from a socialist, but he even publicly mocks and pushes aside all traditional "liberal" positions on any policy matters of any significance. He has embraced every facet of the Bush-Cheney Neocon War-of-Terrir frame, The absurd Patriot Act, Jailing Whistleblowers!! (you call that "liberal"?), embracing The Bush Tax cuts for the rich, Drone Bombing madness, the crooked War in Libya, The crony-Bank Bailouts.

His idea of health-care "reform" was not ever an expansion of Medicare, or a public, non-profit option program -- it was merely an Insurance Company largess transfer (bailout), and an unconstitutional mandate to force people to be their hapless victims. Unlike a "lefty", he does not attack the crooked Corporations...instead he lets the profiteers and oligarchs seize even more control than they had originally at every turn. He sides with the Pharmaceutical Companies and Monsanto.

And he flipped the finger directly at FDR, and the whole Democratic Party legacy, by creating the "catfood commission" staffed with direct enemies of social security, and now also budget cuts to SS. His self-declared favorite President is Ronald Reagan ... and not FDR or Bill Clinton. He doesn't ever seek the council of Al Gore, or Dennis Kucinich, or Bernie Sanders, instead he seeks the council of Wall Street Thugs, Neocon War Criminals, and even golfs regularly with Republicans (not liberals). He did not embrace Hugo Chavez (a Socialist who cut poverty in half) -- rather he happily killed him (fulfilling a Bush-Cheney objective).

Sorry, this ain't no "socialist" here!! Wake up.

He's more of a right-wing extremist than either Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, or George H. W. Bush ever were. And he is absolutely no different than George W. Bush and Dick Cheney on any matter of consequence (funny his Cabinet choices have also been some of the same damn people, or apologists of that corrupt administration).

Think Again! (and stop watching Faux News)

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i say he was acting

when people thought he was a war hating liberal,as was the the official narrative,get bush out as he loves wars...install one
in who says he hates wars

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

That's Naive

Obama is very much establishment. And yes he's CIA. As was Geithner. If you really think that they'd let a non-establishment president get in there then you weren't following the republican primary. Do you remember the 90 seconds Ron Paul got in one debate? How about the whole IRS scandal against tea party types?

are you a birther?

How do you reconcile the two narratives? I'm not disputing you, it just doesn't make sense to me like this.

*UPDATE*: I dont understand why this question was down voted. I think it's reasonable. If he is CIA and his parents are CIA, why the birther thing?


Obama's mom's parents were in

Obama's mom's parents were in the CIA and Obama went to Harvard (supposedly). How is that not establishment?

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his parents?

has it been confirmed who his dad really was or is?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


are we twins?!?

I felt like I could have wrote what you did word for word, seamusin.

Double Post

Double post



Its very reassuring to have someone to agree with. Especially where your opinions are your own and dont come from an attempt to try and manipulate other peoples perceptions of you.

It can be lonely living a life with integrity.




I think Obama is a puppet in over his head.

The establishment does want war. Our economic model now depends on it. The wars with Iraq and Afghanistan that cost trillions of dollars on the national credit card unpaid for? That's all part of our necessary GDP now. War is our main export (besides movies). Our credit only goes one way, up, and can't slow down or stop. Otherwise things start falling apart real quick, so we need more wars to spend money and resources on, because we sure don't have domestic economic activity.

But Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. LOL!!! Yeah I know, but still he is not the war hawk the Bush Administration was. He also tamed down the start of war drums with Iran earlier. He is a stubborn puppet, so yes I think they are trying to get him out.

Obama doesn't understand economics, he said so himself (he said he was learning, yeah good luck with that).

He's entirely a puppet

He's a good speaker and seemingly a likable guy (if you put aside the fact how horrible his policies - not that they're really his - are). You wrote "Our economic model now depends on it" but the "our" does NOT include the average American citizen (it only includes the power elite). Even if it did include the average American citizen, however, it would still be like feeling justified in killing someone because it would enrich your bank account. The truth is that it's just plain immoral.

Exactly Right

The economic model that empowers the current system of corporatism requires it, but our (you and me) economy would be better off if they weren't hogging all the resources. "our" economic activity is sluggish because they are stealing all the resources.


I totally agree the economy is completely f'd up. It's not fair and is very un-American when you understand the effects of what the Fed does.

However, it's not like we can divorce ourselves of the economy. I'll bet over 90-95% of all Daily Paul viewers still use dollars.

As I said before I don't think that's wrong. We've all contributed into this economy when we were awake or not, so feeling a guilt trip about it I think is extreme. However, I am looking forward to the day I can stop using dollars and that day gets closer all the time. (thanks to alternative currencies like Bitcoin for example)

I think the point he was

I think the point he was trying to make it that from the austrian perspective the malinvestment in this country has been directed so heavily towards the military industrial complex, that when the correction comes it will be in the form info total collapse. Think about it like this. Imagine if a quarter of our population lost their jobs at the same time. Imagine how devastating the effects would be on the rest of the economy.

Secondly, our currency is backed by oil. The oil that OPEC sells. When a member of OPEC goes rouge(Saddam Hussein, Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi...) we have to keep them in place or the rest of OPEC sees it as weakness.

As soon as OPEC comes of our dollar, the rest of the producing nations price their goods at their true value. Americans who produce nothing will soon experience the opposite of the WalMart effect. But before being able to benefit from this correction, Americans are going to need to develop the skills needed in the new market. There we be lots of famine, riots, and chaos before any of this happens.

No we didnt do it, but it's sure ours.


Its hard to grasp economics

When your committed to being a socialist. Socialism and economics are totally incompatible. How do you explain to someone that without voluntary choice there is no value?


You bring up

a critical point.

I compare it to math. I'm good with math to the point I've tutored others. What I tell them is the key to math is you need a good foundation. You have to get the basics because if you miss any steps on the lower rungs of the ladder you'll have all kinds of confusion as things get advanced.

Being exposed to Dr. Paul and the liberty movement (videos like Money as Debt etc.) has taught me more about economics than many people will probably ever know. It also helped fully bring out the libertarian I didn't know was always in me. As I said in that thread that asked about political affiliation I was a registered Democrat that voted for Clinton twice and Obama once. I just didn't know.

They want Republicans to get a black eye from forcing Obama out

They want Republicans to get a black eye from forcing / trying to force Obama out so to give Hillary a better prospect of winning in 2016.


I think they are trying to provoke us.

They don't care what puppet is on their hand, but they would LOVE for us to be blamed for an attempted violent coup or worse. Obama does as he is told. Seen the thread about LBJ having called for JFKs assassination? I bet Obama knew that.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

They want him out so that his laws and exec orders stay in place

"What do you mean, Ninja?", you may be asking yourself.

Well you see the Birth Certificate Investigation is STILL ongoing and actually picking up a lot of steam as well as some VIP involvement. Once the investigation goes into full swing, it WILL be revealed that BO is in fact NOT and NEVER WAS eligible to be POTUS, thus all the laws and orders he signed will effectively be NULL AND VOID.

So to secure that these laws and orders remain in place, like the NDAA for example, they need to get rid of him like a POTUS and NOT like a FRAUD. That would also reveal bigger frauds as the house of cards would (WILL) come down.

Get ready for a big show folks. It's gonna be a good one :)

Oh yeah, don't worry about Biden. All those who have been complicit in this fraud are going to jail too.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Frankly, I think Politicians/Banksters going to jail is...

...like SO 20th Century. Sadly, I don't think we're going to be seeing anymore of that. The Rule of Law now is essentially a zombie: It has certain qualities and the vague appearance of being alive, but is in fact quite dead.

A realization many here, such as myself, share and agree with

However, it is important to remember that there are WAY MORE of us than there is of them. The more of US pressure the few of them, they will either adjust their ways or they will step aside for another, hopefully one of us, to take their place.

Truth WILL expose all evil and corruption. This is the way it IS and always will, it's just that at this time the waking populace has not reached a "critical point" of these evils being "visible" to the public.

All of these current events are abundantly evil in some way. FEAR is the method of delivery of an attempt to keep these revelations hidden. But they cannot be hidden in the presence of Light.

Judgment will come, as it always has, from the Will of the PEOPLE and not words penned in ink on paper.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Yes, that's the one thing that is guaranteed:

True, Divine Justice will prevail... All of this evil, injustice, corruption, etc. is going to come to a screeching halt. At some point, I believe very soon, those that think they're always going to get away with all of this are finally going to get what's coming to them. I'd hate to be in their shoes, that's for sure...

I disagree, Obama is there

I disagree, Obama is their ace in the hole. Obama enjoys a cult like following while nobody really cares about Joe Biden who is really nothing more than comic relief. Whatever happens, Obama will skate through any scandal. They will reframe the issue and deflect it to Hillary or the CIA director or whoever they have to to to keep Obama clean.

Obama will do whatever he can to lie about Syria and make it look like we are getting dragged into the war against our wishes. He is the one that has been funding the insurgancy and destabilizing the country in the first place. That is how it works, we have all this "We dont want to get involved" rhetoric and then there is suddenly an 'event' that happens that gives the appearance that we have not other choice but to get involved...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


"nobody really cares about Joe Biden who is really nothing more than comic relief."

Nice one.

Good post, I share your view.


I try to change people every day. Do You?