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No Jab No Play

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I can't stomach these articles

They just make me so sick. There was something similar that was reported on by the Age of Autism having to do with Paul Offit (Dr. Proffit) equating non-vaccinating parents with pedophiles like Jerry Sandusky:


I have a vaccine injured child and I wish every one of these people that push forced vaccination would have the same injury done to them. Let them be robbed of their mind, body and future; live their days in constant pain they're unable to express properly; force their families into emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, and financial bankruptcy.

It just sickens me.

Here's the Newspaper link


Maybe it would get more bumps if you sneak it past the anti-AJites....? This is insane, it is forced medication by coercion, complete with legal immunity for all damages to the children from the vaccines.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Forced Vaccinations!

We're just one step away. First we're forced to have medical insurance, now the IRS is the enforcer of that. Certain jobs make it mandatory you get flu shots. What do you think is next? Why are the state (federal) reserve camps being reconstructed by the Pentagon (it's in their budget)? And fema camps?

Once they get our guns and have physical/medical/mental/religious (political correctness) control over us, we're done!

I was just reading something

I forget which site, but someone raised the point that if the IRS can single out the TEA Party, what is to stop government run healthcare from with holding healthcare for anyone who they don't like?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.