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Ever heard of Israeli prisoner known only as Mister X?

ran across that here, good site for the fellas

I know it says the press is not allowed to mention his existence, but I would have thought I would have ran across something about this somewhere. Found this NY Times article about this from little over a month ago, says he "an Australian-Israeli who was jailed here in 2010 after apparently getting caught in a web of espionage and intrigue". Goes on to say..

Since the episode was exposed last month, the authorities here have rigorously concealed the reason for the arrest and secret imprisonment of the man, identified as Ben Zygier, as he awaited trial in solitary confinement, citing interests of national security.

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It's been in the news the past few weeks, but I didn't know

they were calling him 'Mr. X'. I just remember his name as 'the prisoner', 'a prisoner'.

At least he has a name now.