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Ron Paul Supporter just escorted off Job by 3 armed detectives

A fellow Ron Paul supporter here in Fremont, Nebraska was just escorted off of his job by three armed detectives because some chick got freaked out over his comments about open carry being legal. They are accusing him of making terrorist threats because of his comments.

More info..
The lady that turned him in is an older lady he met at the bar that he befriended and played pool with.
His comments did not take place at work nor where they about work but about how open carry was legal and he discussed Adam Kokesh's open carry march in DC. The lady then called the police and told them he was going to go shoot up his work place.

Sounds like she is not real stable.

Another Update:
I got him hooked up with a good lawyer.

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Describe "his" job? Does he

Describe "his" job? Does he work in an office? Outdoors in manual construction? A bank teller? Who was the girl?

Southern Agrarian

Someone he knew outside of work

that he befriended because she was an lonely old lady...

She was probably "a loney old Lady"

for a very good reason..