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I think I am done with Rand.

I just dont understand this fella anymore. Selling his soul to maybe be president, selling out Libertarians, sold out his own dad.....man...it just seems like babes for leaders.


We all have our opinions and I respect yours, but can you see where I am coming from? Flip flop, do anything to get votes kind of guy. being awake for a decade now, he just feels wrong to me....wrong!

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they go hand in hand

was my point. it's the politics of the future. once the people agree with the message you will see some real change. politics as usual? you can have it. elections and presidents come and go. one day (sure i won't see it) there will be an army of statesmen and their constituents saying: 'we just marched in and we can just march out.' i'd like to see rand re-light that fuse, but i don't hold out much hope. 'a little less aggression' is the most he can muster or the neocon bosses will come down hard, and then he'd need real backbone (like his dad) ...plus i want to get behind someone like ron paul that there's no trust issues even to consider.
but that's just me. spread the total message of ron paul is in my opinion where it's worth putting time and energy, not playing footsie with hannity and other slimes in hopes of holding high office.

It's about common sense

How many votes during the primary did Ron Paul get? I think it was around 18%. So if anyone from the Liberty movement wants to win, they are going to need votes from liberals or conservatives.

If Rand wants to win he must court the neo-cons to get their vote. If you want everyone to act just like Ron then we will never get a president from the liberty movement.

If Rand supports hemp and wants to audit the FED, that is a huge leap forward. So lets get real we can't have it all immediately. Lets start to chip away at all the illegal crap enacted.

If Rand is good enough for Ron Paul then he is good enough for me.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

i Notice A Trend here.

The attempts are obvious; in that this debate is beeing steered into a 'legalization of pot' thing.
Well, if you want to smoke dope and feel happy, that's your personal decision.
Feel happy that Rand Paul is a traitor to his father.
Feel happy that you have some stash.
Feel happy that the nation of States is being torn asunder.
FEEL HAPPY that the new 'presumptive nominee' for the 2016 SELECTION is a traitor, but cloaks himself in the 'RNC' banner. TJHANK GOD he isn't a 'DEMONCRAT', huh! Take another hit, and fall asleep again!


you sure are hung up on pot

you sure are hung up on pot aren't you. its about flip flopping actions buddy, not about pot. first hes for, then hes against. and Pot is just one of the things Rands been telling two different stories about.

For Liberty!!!

he flip flopped on

pot during the senatorial race too. his opponent called him out and he
flipped quicker than mitt romney.

Wake me Up inside!

After his 'I support Romney' announcment, i was done with him, and told him so; as I did to this blog.
Sometimes, the seed falls far from the tree.
It's difficult to understand how this peckerwood has come to the place that he flips and flops on every 'popular' issue, like stating that he is all for using drones and opening fire on citizens without due process... and at the same time does his grandstanding 'Filibuster' regarding the use of drones...

It is good that you are awakening.
For you:

He rode his father's coattails, and the groundswell of the True Support catupolted him into a Senate seat. Somewhere in the in-between, he was bought by the establishment RNC.
Call them what you will, but they are truly the enemies of the States.
Rand is now simply a minion.
He has a conscience, but their sway and control OWNS him.


no. When I parent my

no. When I parent my children, I tell them that some things are not meant to be discussed publicly. you think most people dont do the exact same thing? haha then you are naive.

Ron will not talk smack of his son in public, even if he didnt care for what his son is doing.....its called being a father, adn that comes far before being a politician.

For Liberty!!!

?! Seriously!! HAHA! Are you

?! Seriously!! HAHA! Are you reading yourself?!

SO it's ok for Ron to lie about Rand but it's not ok for Rand to lie to save lives?

Mental gymnastics is the perfect word for it. You have no intellectual honesty.

Impressive mental gymnastics there...

...You loathe Rand, but you love Ron, and Ron supporters Rand. Uh oh, world view in danger of crumbling. So, come up with lame argument that, well yea, Ron REALLY doesn't support Rand, but just says so because of not wanting to hurt his son's feelings...even though this means supporting someone who will harm the country. O, and this doesn't make Ron Paul a liar or a sellout, because...it's a good lie, it's a good sellout, because boosting your adult son's self-confidence is more important than the cause to which Ron devoted his entire life? Wow! LOL

The simpler explanation: you misjudged Rand, and Ron really does support him.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

a lot of us support him

as a senator.

the prez election is a rigged charade. ron paul has said so himself, and it was sickeningly obvious in 2012

continue spreading the libertarian message of ron paul. it grows everyday; energy and time well spent. the establishment decides the prez at this point in time and sells it to the idiocracy through the msm. don't be duped into the mass hypnosis.

so you're saying he's a

so you're saying he's a justified liar...

I was done when he endorsed Romney

I must apologize in advance for offending any Rand Paul supporters. The fact is, in my view, Rand does not inspire confidence. From the beginning of his entry into politics I was skeptical; and then when he endorsed Romney -- the timing of it, and the maneuvering on Hannity's program-- showed me my intuition was right. He's like a puppy. He says to see him as his own man. I see someone I can't support. While he tries out various strategies they are hit and miss. I could never vote for him for President of this country.

I will keep looking and support Gary Johnson again or someone of similar integrity and intelligence. Both qualities I finding lacking in Rand.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

You have somebody better to vote for that actually has a chance?

Palease...I'll take what I can get at this stage. Rand has proven himself to be different than the status quo. The evidence is in the MSM attacks on him.
His popularity is growing. This is unprecedented. As Zignew Bresinzki said, the global awakening is happening. Rand IS a part of that, regardless of his 'imperfections'. He's a catalyst. Baby steps to our real freedom.
This kind of talk is suspect. Anyone who believes we are going to go from complete corruption over decades to perfection in one president is very naive. IMO, that's what got JFK killed. Choose your battles carefully.

not yet, but Im not going to

not yet, but Im not going to do what everyone tells me to do, and investigate him myself until that time comes to vote, then I will make the decision. Hes not Ron Paul, and hes flip flopped on a few issues at least where Ron never did. If it were Ron, it would be easy to support, because he hasnt changed in 30 years, Rand on the other hand has taken a few positions in just the last few years and thats a big difference.

Sorry I dont walk blindly

For Liberty!!!

Ron Paul's son

But he seems to be Gary North's boy, yes that was a dominionist congregation he spoke at.

Very interesting

I first discovered Ron because I had read an article about a Republican who wanted to legalize marijuana, and thought it had to be a misprint. Now I've learned all about the Federal Reserve, the workings of the free market, and even went from being an independent/democrat to joining the R party. I could swallow Rand's position if it's just about hard drugs like meth, crack, etc, but if he doesn't start getting more friendly towards the good herb then I just may vote for Johnson again.

here's where i'm coming from

the first, second and even third anti-rand posts were ok.
now i think they are posted just to create division.
i'm not going to play this time.
that's my opinion.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

do you see any comments from

do you see any comments from me in any of them posts? I created this post because time has gone on, and I want to fully look through what this guy is standing for, saying hes for, and actually doing or not. I think you are trying to hijack this legitimate post meant to provoke thought, and different views, but I dont even care if thats your goal. those that want to participate, will, those that have ideas, opposing views will post them respectively, myself and others will reply, and its then a conversation about a possible candidate.

Thats how Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams and the rest of those men that started this country years ago did it, so why is starting a conversation about it wrong?

So you are saying you only want those that are fully on board the RAND train, 3 yrs in advance to post, and the rest are trying to divide?

wow ok then. but it seems you and others are trying to make this something its not. If I lived close to everyone, and we held a meeting to discuss Rand, and you stood up and said we dont want anyone questioning our great leader, wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of it all?

just my opinion

For Liberty!!!

I see Cats ....

I see in my minds eye:

Cats. Cats wandering off in different directions into a barren field ...

Now why am I seeing Cats.

Herding Cats, yourself, perhaps?


"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I'm not ready to embrace Christie, Jeb, Walker, etc. so

I guess I'm still standing with Rand, Cruz, Lee & Massie. I know I'm done with Rubio.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

lol right, the "perceived"

lol right, the "perceived" lesser of 2 evils. What integrity you have! LOL

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

tasmlab's picture

Just to clarify, 'I'm done'

When you say "I'm done with Rand" do you mean:
- I won't send him money to campaign
- I don't want to associate my advocacy for him at family events or cocktail parties
- I won't vote for him
- I no longer believe he will messiahanically ascend to the presidency and release our shackles
- I'm not going to listen to what he says or presume to learn any new truth
- Something else?

I think I'm 'done' with him on all these things except perhaps a vote if it occurs.

But then I'm wondering if the crappy four votes we get to make for the Federal government (one president and three legislators), and the one obsessive one for presidency (for most people) are really just the TPTB giving us a kind of fake structure to pretend we are participating anyways.

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i mean he says one thing,

i mean he says one thing, does another, supports the neocons while saying he supports us, its just luda

For Liberty!!!

Brilliant /sarc

Forsake the only libertarian in the Senate because he can't pass a 'verbal' purity test.

What he says and what he does need to be examined closely. If you score congressional votes, Rand Paul is plainly libertarian despite his own pleas that he is not libertarian. I really don't care if he artfully dodges the opposition of the pro-Israeli axis or evangelical voters with soothing words.

He still votes the way I'd vote--pro-individual and anti-statist, and he is an unbending defender of civil liberties on the floor of the Senate, taking positions which expose him to scorn even from liberals as being too liberal.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Do you think that supporting

Do you think that supporting the war on drugs is a position that someone can take and still call themselves a libertarian?

You idiot!

He has the same stance as Ron Paul!

You mean like Ron did?

He supported states rights to ban drugs. Do you think that's a position someone can take and still call themselves a libertarian?

You see, it's not as cut and dry as you think.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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no I think hes not a

no I think hes not a Libertarian, I think hes a bought and paid for con, so he wont say to make drugs legal.

For Liberty!!!