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As Media Coverage of Non-Enforcement Fades, L.A. Motorists Start Paying Red-light Camera Tickets Again

As Memory Fades, Motorists Start Paying L.A. County Red-light Camera Tickets Again, Even Though They Don't Have To
By Martin Hill
May 13, 2013


In 2011 and 2012, there were two articles in the L.A. Times explaining how red-light camera tickets are not enforced in L.A. County. It turns out though, that since memory of the articles fades, revenue has been steadily increasing back to the revenue coffers. Members of the public have started paying the tickets again, even though non-payment of the tickets in L.A. County is not enforced by the courts. We asked the editor of HighwayRobbery.net to comment on this matter.

A Memorandum from the Pasadena Department of Transportation and Police Department to the City's Public Safety Committee dated December 5, 2011 also revealed the details of non enforcement:

"In Los Angeles County, unlike other counties, the courts have elected to treat non-payment of red light camera violations differently than similar citations issued in person by sworn personnel. The net result of this action is that there is no effective penalty for non-payment of red light camera violations in Los Angeles County. As the lack of consequences has become better known by violators, the rate of non-payment has increased, thereby eroding the program's deterrent effect against red light running."
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