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Police Drone Crashes Into Police

Police Drones Crashes Into Police

The Montgomery County (Texas) Sheriff's Office had a big day planned. After becoming the first department in the country with its own aerial drone ($300,000!), they were ready for a nice photo op. And then the drone crashed into a SWAT team.


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Oh the Irony! The lovely, beautiful irony!

This is where life gets better than Art.

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You need a college degree to fly a drone:

[Major disgusted eye-rolling]

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This may be old...

but it still gave me a hearty and belly filled laugh. Nice one POLICy Enforcers.... lmao

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A year ago

This story is one year old. That's why the link is dead. It's an old story.

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We're not laughing AT you...

Ok, yes we are. ("you" being the cops, not the OP)

On a serious note, at least they had an armored vehicle to protect themselves...unlike the unsuspecting citizenry they'll be using these things on.

In these hard economic times, or anytime for that matter, I could think of better uses for hundreds of thousands of dollars than these expensive law enforcement toys.

the real story link is dead

the real story link is dead

This is the most hilarious

This is the most hilarious thing I have seen in a while. hahahahahahaha

Now, they get to go down in history as the first department to get a "drone", but now its been tainted because they immediatly crashed it. hahahahaha

Now, on a more serious note. I have no idea why they dont just call it a model aircraft. We have had these since the 80s. Heck, I had a friend who had a brother with a radio controlled airplane with a camera on it. We took it down to the marina that was right up the street and launched it. At that same time, someone had just launched a boat and there was a girl in a red bikini laying on it. No, this didnt have anything funny happen, we figured they wouldnt like us buzzing their boat taking pictures. haha Plus we didnt want it to land in the water by accident.

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Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Do the police departments and

Do the police departments and Federal Government realize tens of millions of Americans are ROTFLMAO at this incident?

statist drone karma!

bring on sum' mo!

Predictions in due Time...

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