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OpenCarry Lawsuit, the Good: Video Evidence on His Side; the Bad: the City Taxpayers may cough up $3.6MIL!

All due to actions of Constitutionally ignorant State-Actors:

Riverside Ohio Open Carry Stop Dash Camera Footage

Published on Sep 12, 2012

This video is an enhancement of the audio and video from a dash camera on the second car to arrive at an Open Carry stop performed by Riverside, Ohio police. This is a derivative work of Ohioans For Concealed Carry. Please link TO this video and do not steal the video and re-post it. We will challenge that with YouTube as a violation of our copyright.

Man sues Riverside in open carry handgun case
Roy Call was detained while officers checked his ID, which police say he didn’t initially provide

Posted: 12:05 a.m. Sunday, May 12, 2013


By Mark Gokavi - Staff Writer

DAYTON — While openly carrying his Springfield XDM .40-caliber handgun, Tipp City resident Roy Call walked into a Riverside Speedway store at 4:30 a.m. Aug. 12, 2012 to buy a sports drink.

That’s when — as claimed in a lawsuit against the city of Riverside, its mayor and two police officers — Call said he was illegally detained and briefly had his gun confiscated. Call is seeking compensatory and punitive damages of $3.6 million in a lawsuit field in the United States District Court/Southern District of Ohio in Dayton.

But Riverside police Chief Mark Reiss said his officers acted correctly and all Call had to do was cooperate.

“Had he been truthful with the police and simply provided his identification so that they could have quickly ran it, that encounter would have been over very quickly, within a minute or two,” Reiss said.

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What's the basis for the outlandish damages?

Cops kill innocent people all the time, and it's hard to squeeze a penny from the corrupt government, yet this guy wants millions because he was detained briefly, apparently legally? In many places he'd never see his gun again even if he was carrying legally--they'd just sit on it and then destroy it after some period of time before his paperwork to get it back churned through the system.

I don't agree with what the cops did: I think cops should presume any person openly carrying is legal to do so. When you see somebody wearing fancy jewelry or driving a nice car, you don't check to see whether they stole it.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

wolfe's picture

When it becomes...

a crime to disobey someone who represents the state (police), simply because they work for the state (obstructing justice, disorderly conduct, etc) then there are no other laws. Only gangs, thugs, with badges calling themselves whatever they feel like.

In reality, there isn't a basis for a lawsuit, even though he may have been in the right. There is no basis for a lawsuit because judges are paid by the revenue generated from police extortionists. Oh, they may throw us a bone every once in a while, but in reality it would be counterproductive for them to ever side with the people.

It would be like asking a wife, who is dependent on her husband financially to side with a wronged business owner. Even if she knows her husband was wrong, she also knows where her livelihood comes from.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

"But Riverside police Chief Mark Reiss said [...]

his officers acted correctly and all Call had to do was cooperate."

Why did Call have to cooperate if he didn't break any laws? If Call was following the laws, how could his officers "act correctly" and still be In Accordance with Law?

That should be the end of it, right there.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Show me your papers and it

Show me your papers and it will all be over quickly.....

what a joke

Police Departments Need BetterTraining

on how to legally handle Open and Concealed carrying. The MAJORITY of police officers support conceal carry laws but they are trained to treat every person with a gun as a threat.. This is a very difficult position for officers to be in and they need better training especially with the huge increase in gun sales and conceal and carry permits being issued.

I think they need classes in

philosophy, and natural rights. They need to quit being brainwashed that the uniform makes them a higher form of human than the rest of us.

But really truly, deep down inside, I think every last one of them should be canned without pension, insurance, or unemployment. They have mooched enough off of society.

If he...

was "truthful?" The police can lie to you, what do the police know about being "truthful?" We should hold the police to a higher standard.

Without the police having probable cause, you do not have to identify yourself. You do not have to answer their questions.

If you do not exercise your rights, you lose them.

I hope

he takes it to court.