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Jon Stewart on the IRS

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just go watch any of his interviews with Ron Paul

Stewart dreams of a perfect Big government to solve all our problems not less government.

Yes, BUT

In fairness to Stewart, he's not like the others. He is very much for big government, but unlike both the liberal and conservative "news" shows, he allowed Paul to express his views without talking over him or mocking him. He clearly did not agree with some points, but he did not black the message out. While I do not believe that Stewart will ever come around to the liberty message, he deserves more credit than most of the others.


I suppose the fact he invited Ron on his show and gave him a fair interview does say a lot. Anyone, even those with opposing political beliefs, that is willing to have a fair discussion is a rare thing on TV. I just disagree with most of his segments. I do enjoy when Judge Napolitano goes on his show. They seem to have a good time and have good discussions.

Same here

I agree with him about 1% of the time, it seems, and I have often stopped watching in the middle of one of his segments when he starts with the big government stuff. I just think he tends to be more honest in representing his views than most of those people we call journalists. Hey, after the way the others totally blacked out Ron Paul's campaign, I was amazed (and, yes, a little thankful) that Stewart was even willing to expose his audience to the liberty message. I have no idea if it changed anyone's mind, but it couldn't hurt. It is funny when the judge is on, though.


is just there for show. He has said many things that are pro liberty, but he has said a lot of things that work against us. Joking about how loony gun owners are and such...
I like him, but some people think they can rely on him or count on him to be on our side.
Oh yeah, even Stephen Colbert said he liked Ron Paul. He was being serious then too, which doesn't happen often with him on TV. lol
Good source for humor though.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)