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Warning! Extremely Graphic Video: CIA Cannibal Eats Dead Syrian Soldier's Heart

Warning! Extremely Graphic Video: CIA Cannibal Eats Dead Syrian Soldier's Heart


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Won't watch cannibalism, but I understand its motive1

Won't watch cannibalism, but I understand its motive. Eating an enemy's vital organs is a universal will to power.

A man's power is said to reside in his heart; therefore, to eat it is to claim that power for oneself, as well as to destroy the enemy completely and prevent that power from spiriting away to his relatives.

This is common practise among the more primitive and savage peoples of New Guinea, Borneo, central Africa, and the Amazon. However, AN ABSENCE OF ORDER AND AUTHORITY causes this practise to reappear in the civilised world now and then.

During the four week orgy of mass murder known as the RAPE OF NANKING in 1937, there were reports of Japanese soldiers practising cannibalism. This was not an established cultural phenomenon among the Japanese, but a consequence of disorder.

The Japanese army was unleased for a month without orders or authority, and committed some of the most heinous atrocities known to man during that time. All Chinese schoolchildren are cultivated to hate the Japanese for what happened at Nanking: rape, murder, torture, and cannibalism.

That its happening in Syria now is merely another instant of latent subconscious savagery that lives deep within each one of us...

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Already been posted....

but I'll vote you up because I don't mind spreading the love.


Hateful is Not Love..

-1. Your post linked above shows scorn, malice & spite. the link you posted presents an ugly sight, No Love in it, its something that is showing the very opposite = hatred, - detested. You choose to ascribe this foul thing to Islam which condemns such acts.

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