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IRS Guilty Of Largest Fraud In History!

Okay. I'm on board with the recent IRS bashers who are outraged that an entire political ideology has been singled out for confiscation of their property. So you say the IRS is acting unlawfully, violating rights, the constitution, etc.? Well, La Di Da.

This is not news to many on this site, but it needs constant airing for those less informed, so here goes.

What the IRS was caught doing,(stealing)constitutes the entirety (100%)of their activities and their reason for existing. They have been perpetrating the largest financial scam in history. It is a scam that works because the "mark" or target of the scam, is ignorant of the law and a few underlying terms and definitions that once learned, allow the "mark" to avoid being scammed.

Briefly, Here's how it works: An ignorant person, believing tax folklore (orally passed down stories) sends the IRS an information return, swearing that he is an "employer, that you made "wages", that you are a taxpayer and an "employee" and what the amounts are.

The IRS is grateful. Someone has just identified another "mark." They happily await the moment that you arrive, verifying that it is all true. You send them a return, ignorantly swearing that you are an "employee," that you made "wages," that you work for an "employer" a now you wish to play along with the scam. You claim exemptions and try to get some money back and they happily oblige.
Now the IRS can say, "Hey, we never told you that you owed any money, YOU TOLD US!!!

You see, if you know nothing about the law, and how CUSTOM DEFINITIONS change the meaning of otherwise household words, and you know nothing of underlying terms such as "direct" vs. "indirect" taxes, and you know nothing of Supreme Court standing law cases that apply, you are a .....MARK.

This is why the IRS will NEVER discuss the law with you. Don't believe me? Try asking them about any of this. They will threaten you, but they will NEVER answer any questions about the law they supposedly use to confiscate property. Think: If they had nothing to hide, they could simply show the code section and send you a bill. But they don't do that, do they?? That's why they demand that YOU be the unpaid book keeper and report on yourself.

I have demanded, (using an IRS supplied form) and RECEIVED ALL money withheld from me by the ignorant clerk who thought he was an "employer," but was summarily, legally, and wisely rebutted by this writer.

Now that more folks know that the IRS is a criminal outfit, (because of recent news events,)it is time for more patriots to get off the IRS chain gang.

I am no guru. That work was done by others and they have my thanks and respect. I will take credit for doing my own research as you should too. All info available at : LOSTHORIZONS.COM.


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My wish

is for someone to create a site where you enter your info and can print the exact wording documents out for all the steps involved. Kind of make it like a flow chart - start here, question 1 y/n go there...

I would bet tons of people would try amending their recent returns if they could follow the dotted lines. Could even accept Bitcoin donations recommended at 10% of recaptured amount.

I think there are lots of people like me who feel that if they spent all the effort to learn everything, they would still miss some little piece and get stuck with penalties or on some hit list.


To educate the sheeple where the IRS came from...any videos ....


You are right on target!

What you describe is exactly how it works. However, there is more to it.

Dave Champion, who is considered an expert in tax law, wrote the book detailing exactly how the system works. He has spent over 10 years researching it and has been a non-taxpayer for 10 years now.

He has a site dedicated to the book. I highly recommend anyone seeking truth about income tax visit the page.


This is the red pill about income tax.

As a side note, most people will not visit this site. Why? Because, they do not care about the truth. They do not care that they are being stolen from.

The IRS scam can be stopped in one day once people know the truth about income tax.

Is anyone there who cares...???