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Russia’s Plan For The BRICS To Dismantle The Dollar System

"A week before the recent BRICS summit in Durban, the Kremlin administration has silently produced a document which describes the Russian strategy in the context of BRICS cooperation. The document makes for a fascinating read for anyone brave enough to plow through the dense Russian legalese. The strategy has been designed in the “inner circle” of Vladimir Putin’s team, so it is safe to assume that it represents the official view on the BRICS future.

In Russia, politics are Byzantine; the fact that the Kremlin decided not to hide the document or leak it to a chosen few journalists, but publish it outright is a very strong signal, a very vocal angry signal directed at the US. A signal that the Western media chose to ignore.

In the recitals section of the document, the authors point out that “there is a common desire of the BRICS partners to reform the outdated global financial and economic framework that doesn’t take into account the growing economic weight of the emerging markets.” Moreover, the Russian strategists view the BRICS as a tool to reform the way the world is being governed. Then the document hammers home its message:

Russia assumes that, given enough political will of the leadership of the BRICS countries to advance their cooperation, this alliance can become one of the key elements of a new system for global governance, primarily in the economic and financial domains.

Move aside New World Order! The BRICS are coming to change the world."


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DURBAN - I'm South African

and the same poeple that run America are the very same poeple who run South Africa. Its lol funny seeing this so called attack on the petro dollar by the Brics hosted in Durban. The poeple who have power will throw America under the bus and move on, they have merely perfected their methods since the famine of Ukrainians in 1933. they have their fingers in both pies. I can't speak for Russia tbh bcs I don't know anything about them, but look up Gill Marcus, a former Communist now running our private central bank in South Africa. The Kruger rand had a copper alloy mix to mame it robust to be actually used in transactions.

Not so fast

This has been ongoing for centuries like a broken record.

This is the highest amplitude of the Business Psycho.

The only way this can happen is in the absence of competition whereby the many individual choices of many people demanding better instead of worse are supplied better because better is supplied by other people producing the demand for better MONEY.

The New World Order is merely a false advertizement campaign designed to keep the victims divided and victimized.

The New World Order has existed, already, for centuries, in the form of a Legal Money Monopoly Power that is currently called The Dollar Hegemony.

Those most powerful human beings among us, who are inhuman beings, who are as dangerous to themselves as they are to their victims, RULE their victims with this TOOL.

The make their crimes of fraud, extortion, torture, and mass murder legal for their number to perpetrate, while they punish anyone else who is caught, red handed, doing anything that they do not approve of in writing.

It is Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question, and it is at the point in the highest amplitude of the Business Psycho whereby the most powerful among us are buying another World War where their number is meticulously calculating their benefits as they work to distribute all costs to the targeted victims of this World War that has already started in earnest.

An individual such as a Putin, or an Obama, are actors in the play, having only so much power as the more powerful among us grant, with their absolute power over legal money, which is well documented, and easily demonstrated to anyone caring to know.

If a few people, such as those at The FED, can write themselves a Legal Power to Purchase, call it "Quantitative Easing" as you are told to do, it is FRAUD and EXTORTION made LEGAL, and those few give themselves as much POWER to PURCHASE as everyone else has combined, at will, any time those few care to buy something.


How much do you think World War III costs?

You think, seriously, that World War III is an accident?

The Joke is on those who pay the costs of World War III, and if someone actually believes that the few people who profit from these purchases are merely disinterested observers, who just happen to stumble upon that cash, that income, those profits, like a Lottery winner, then the Joke is on you.

A world full of fools can be measured.


What do you think those who receive all that POWER are doing with all that POWER they stole?

Throwing a party?




Currency Wars Lead to Real Wars

Personally, I believe that the heightened rhetoric around Syria and North Korea have been our attempt to provoke a war with the BRICS. We can't declare war directly with any of the nations as we have no politically viable means of doing so to justify the effort to the America people.

However, if we can provoke North Korea to action by dropping pamphlets over their country from stealth bombers, or invade Syria under the guise of helping rebels oppressed by a dictator, we have the cover we need to start a war with allies of the BRICS nations. This will inevitably draw them in to the conflict and allow us to exert military force to stop their attacks on the US Dollar.

Just a theory....

peace + liberty = prosperity

The one thing is...

...with the military the US has, all the "rules" of economics may go out the window. I don't think anyone wins in such a scenario, however. Certainly not the average citizen (regardless of country)

As The U.S. Founders, And Ron Paul Wisely Pointed Out,,,

A GOLD/Silver/Copper monetary system LIMITS the power of ANY government, because these elements cannot be simply produced in unlimited numbers as paper, virtual, tally stick, or other monetary systems that have failed or are currently failing to survive, through out history.

Gold in hand is also NOT someone else's liability as most paper money is, because paper/virtual money is borrowed into existence, and borrowing means repayment is due at some point in time.

If a company or individual, big or small produces worthwhile products they should be able to trade these products for anything they approve of.

The elected U.S. officials should be ashamed of themselves for not reading or understanding the restrictions placed on them by the U.S. Constitution !


Don't they

always play both sides?
I have heard two sides to the BRICS alliance. US will probably have to secede sovereignty to them in order to participate in their market. What do you think?

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

They have to do something

Fed's unlimited QE will undermine the value of all currencies.

Just incredible

This is all happening so fast


Putin seems to be playing hardball

The "spy scandal" undoubtedly is part of the plan. Could be the beginning of a new Cold War.

He has to

The US Middle East strategy has been to dismantle traditional Russian relationships (former USSR). The "Arab Spring" has cost Russia a lot of money in lost trade. The competition is heating up and Russia has a lot of cash to buy allies.

All US wars are about maintaining the supremacy of the USD. The strategy is at risk of failing miserably... the USD is in serious danger.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo