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Survey Asks Doctors: How Many Prescription Medications Do You Take?

That's the only question I will have for them, though I would welcome any of their other comments.

Telephone calls, returned calls, follow-up written surveys, youtube videos of parking lot encounters, indecipherable tweets... How, when, and in what way could I ask doctors and psychiatrists who prescribe medication to others: How many drugs do you take?

At this point it's impossible for me to guess what the results will be. On the one hand you've got some doctors who are smarter than the average person/doctor, who get to witness their patients dropping dead from drug interactions, if not from the drugs directly. This should cause them to avoid the stuff themselves, right?

On the other hand are the doctors of more average stuff, who were more affected by the extreme brainwashing that goes on in medical schools; where aspiring doctors are taught nearly nothing about nutrition, to scoff at vitamins and supplements. Would this psychological conditioning cause them to 'double-down' on their faith in these magical pink and purple pills provided my their medical-industrial benefactors?

Now how do I do this?

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Most of us have heard of the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" guy (Joel Wallach or something?). Didn't he find that the average life expectancy of doctors was considerably lower than for non-doctors?

So in consideration of that, there may well be a lot of doctors who subject themselves to the same "treatments" as their patients, with the possible exception of oncologists, who I have read refuse chemotherapy for themselves, by and large, having witnessed the devastation and complete ineffectiveness of it for their patients.


WHY, do you talk about EVERYTHING but the Constitution?

Why are you doing NOTHING but promoting a food fight?

I can only guess why. But it's becoming pretty obviouse.

Ooh - let me guess. I'm a troll.

zing. ouch. that hurt.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Please note everyone - before the eye gouging starts...

I have worked inside the medical insurance industry deciphering and explaining Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) forms to patients as well as to doctor's offices. So I don't come at this blind. The company I worked for marketed to 23 states and my 'team' spoke to 12 or 15 of these states which were mostly similar in how their states regulated the health insurance industry. Sometimes my department would get calls transfered from someone in Maryland which mandates coverage for, of all things, mental health coverage - the only state we sold insurance in that did this, among other weird regulationss on childhood immunizations...

Obamacare would, apparently, smooth out most of the differences between states, but as for now there are bound to be variations in the amounts of drugs prescribed in states based on what type of Rx coverage the state demands be included in an insurance policy. Or if they require that name-brand drugs cost the same copay as the generic. Or if prescription coverage is covered for children up to age 21 along with their medical. Or...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

One study reported half doctors doped or drugged.

50/50 chance of seeing one that wasn't.

Free includes debt-free!

This project becomes more and more fun with every waking...


Thanks for the heads-up.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I think it would be a more

I think it would be a more telling survey if you asked that question to people in the pharmaceutical business. Like somebody else mentioned, the doctors are probably convinced about it anyway

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Hi there. I just have one quick question if you're a doctor.

'How many prescription medications do you take?'

Oh, you're not a doctor? Want to answer anyway? It's totally anonymous.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

None,Because I don't have


Because I don't have Hypertension I don't take a diuretic, ACE Inhibitor, ARB, Beta Blocker, CCB. But I prescibe them to my hypertensive patients when the can't seem to say away from high sodium, high caffeine diets,

Because I don't have Diabetes I don't take metformin, glyburide, byetta, insulin. But I prescibe them to my diabetic patients to keep them out of DKA and to keep them from needing their feet amputated due to the vasculitis from DM.

Because I don't have Hyperlipidemia nor had heart attack I don't take a lipid lowering agent, but I prescribe them to patients with heart disease (had a heart attack or stroke) or DM or a strong family history of early heart disease.

Because I don't have an infection with a virus, pathologenic bacteria, nor pathogenic fungus I don't take an antiviral, antibiotic, nor antifungal. But I prescibe them to patients with infections to keep them from developing SIRS-->Sepsis-->Septic Shock-->MODS-->Death.

--- Oh, why bother ---

All drugs are bad... Just don't come to the hospital. Stay home with your home remedies. May get better, may not.. Just fully commit and don't come in if the home remedy fails asking for the evil, lazy, stupid MD or DO to perform their evil witchery on you.

Oh, ya.. Stop putting doctors in a collective.. Isn't that what the statists and leachers do?


Birds of a feather flock together.

You have the condescending attitude that most doctors have and it just proves what is being said.

"Just don't come to the hospital. Stay home with your home remedies. May get better, may not.. Just fully commit and don't come in if the home remedy fails asking for the evil, lazy, stupid MD or DO to perform their evil witchery on you."

In your arrogance you suggest that those who don't submit to your sorcery have a higher risk of "what ever" which implies that if they had come to you in the first place then you "would have" healed them. What a crock. The few that are "healed" by doctors is far outweighed by the ones who are further sicked or injured by going to the doctor.

Not only that but by far most illness will heal without doctor intervention with the free healing power of the human body but doctors make themselves out to be more than they are by taking credit for every sickness the passes or wound that heals even though most would have healed without them and without the high expense.

Like politicians, doctors like to play the numbers/percentage game too. Use numbers to scare people and use percentages to con them.

---Oh, why bother?---

You put yourself in a collective. Live with it.

If you had all of your teeth knocked out, what would you do?

Or most of your teeth, or your front teeth? Would you use prayer to heal your mouth? Would you cure the traumatic injury with natural remedies?

I could use my medical sorcery to make you a relatively cheap denture that will restore function and esthetics.

Or I could use my surgical witchcraft to implant artificial teeth for you.

If I were you I would not rule out the possibility of this trauma, because if you are as condescending and rude in person as you are on the DailyPaul, I'm sure there are plenty of people who are tempted to knock your teeth out.

Stick to the subject please,

and stop with the straw man argument. I said nothing about prayer. This thread is dealing with pharma and preemptive "healthcare".

I am not talking about trauma care which is a whole different discussion. The medical establishment has made itself the god of health and is doing a poor job of it but tries to make out as if they are responsible for all healing and death follows those who refuse their authority.

Do you think if I broke a bone I wouldn't set it? Do you think if I got cut I wouldn't stitch it? Do you think if I had an ingrown toenail I wouldn't cut it out? Do you think that when I have a bad tooth that I don't pull it out? All these things I can do myself but it is "better" if I can get someone else to help or do it for me. I do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is medical treatment and there is "healthcare".

As for someone trying to knock my teeth out... what can I say? I've been sucker punched a few times in my life and it never turned out good, for the puncher. And I apparently have strong teeth because none have been knocked out yet. Makes me wonder just how many times have YOU had the courage to punch someone in the face? Someone besides your little sister or the small kid in class that is?

Wow. I'm sorry.

Let's go.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

We are both stupid for taking the bait.

This is an attempt to condescend and mock us, but you responded perfectly.

The question wasn't meant for you...

It is meant for doctors and everyone in general. It is the one I intend to ask and the way I intend to ask it. Sorry for the miscommunication.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

oops - duplicate.

But while we're talking - on the topic of doctors being difficult patients - How many do you think refuse or question a prescription for something they know or suspect will interact with another drug they are on?

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I brushed my teeth with fluoridated toothpaste a few minutes ago

And I just finished a course of cephalexin to prevent infection in the huge cut in my had which was sutured.

What kind of confession are you looking for?

"I poison my patients with drugs I would never take myself because I'm an evil capitalist and science-based medicine is a fraud HERP A DERP A HERP A DERP."

Thank you for your feedback on this topic.

Please don't think I am trying to group doctors all together as one 'certain type of person'. The only distinction I am interested in in this study is prescription use amongst those who can legally write prescriptions - doctors.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I think a good many of them

I think a good many of them practice what they preach, which is why the average MD's life span in the US is significant lower than the average America's.

A better question might be to ask them why their life spans are so low.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


In dental school there were weeks I put 90+ hours. Rarely in the first 2 years did I have a week less than 55 or so (usually the first week of classes).Medical school is as bad and worse, especially during rotations 3rd and 4th year. Residencies limit 80 hours a week on the books, and many doctors fudge the numbers to work MORE.

Some medical specialties are easier than others, obviously, but it is not uncommon for physicians to work 60/70+ hours a week for decades, plus being on call.

Ron Paul, during the prime of his presidential run, said being a politician was "ALMOST AS DEMANDING AS MEDICINE."

Also medicine is stressful. Surgery is stressful. Life and death is stressful. Disease is stressful.

Lastly, many doctors are bad patients.

I don't buy the stress thing.

That one gets thrown out quite often. Doctors are not in med school and working long shift ER stints all of their lives. We all tend to start off with more stressful things when we're young. But it could be argued that there are many more stressful jobs that a 50 something year old could be doing rather than be a doctor. Digging ditches and worrying about how to pay the bills is likely more stressful than wrapping things up with that last patient in the waiting room before driving home in your Mercedes, thinking about martinis and tomorrow's golf game. So I can not go for the MDs suffer more stress than the rest of us. It doesn't hold up.

Not all doctors work these outrageous hours for decades, or perform surgery. The many have various 9 to 5 practices and tend to keep banker's hours and their patients have to accept their hours and terms.

I'll put it more simply. None of the doctors I've had any dealing with in the last 30 years possibly had it more stressful than I did. There were plenty of time where I was waiting well past my appointment time, while they were in the back laughing up with a pharmaceutical rep in a tight skirt.

I'm sorry but I can not pity MDs.

And besides, I know I keep long hours when I was in electronics school and for some time after I graduated. Along with lots of work related travel. I'm sure folks on many fields can say the same thing.

I will agree with you that they probably often suck as patients. The arrogant, know it all thing probably has something to do with that.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

That's your understanding of what doctors do, huh?

While you are waiting in the office you think they are ogling a sexy pharmaceutical rep until the day is finally over and they can go play golf and drink martinis?

It seems you are so delusional and so spiteful that there is nothing I can so to convince you otherwise, but I'll respond in the hope that I can break someone else out of the fanatical anti-mainstream medicine fairytale many have been sucked into by sensationalistic alternative medicine advocates.

I am going to be at least 30 years old before I start practicing medicine. (And I will be $350,000 in debt). I have been in post-secondary school for 12 years and I never got off track. The majority of hopeful pre-meds never get anywhere near med school because the undergraduate courses are too demanding. Undergraduate, which is a battle for many people, is the easy part.

No one can understand what it is like to get a medical education and practice medicine besides those who do it. I assure you those doctors you are strawmanning were not womanizing pharmaceutical reps while you waited in the lobby. They were seeing other patients, reading tests, consulting laboratories and other physicians, and dealing with the mountains and mountains of bureaucratic red tape, both from the government and insurance corporations that have taken over the profession. Also many patients do not pay, the government doesn't reimburse shit, and most doctors do a considerable amount of pro bono work.

Pharmaceutical and medical reps come during what is supposed to be our lunch break.

If there is any professional who has earned the income to drive a Mercedes, it is a god damn doctor. Please tell me a profession that takes even comparable risks. Is there another profession that involves taking out a quarter million dollar plus financial risk just to train? Is there another profession that involves 8-15 years training post high school? Is there another profession with such a high rate of being sued? How many other professions have the chance of killing or seriously harming a patient if you make a mistake? How many professions do you risk infecting or killing yourself if you make a mistake? Can a banker infect himself with HIV with an absentminded needle-stick?

Do you think doctors are a bunch of psychopaths with no regard for their patients well-being? Of course there are a few bad apples out of the hundreds of thousands of physicians, but to generalize them as an evil collective is headslappingly childish.

I wish you had the experience just so you could appreciate just how fucking stupid you sound.

You prove my comment below to be true.

You talk about risk? When the doctor god of your choice misdiagnoses or mistreats you where is their risk? How many times do the doctor gods give refunds for their misdiagnosis and/or faulty treatment? Never. It's all in the paperwork that the poor ignorant brainwashed patient signs before he lets the doctor god treat him/her. That's why they deserve to be sued.

You are a product of years of television/hollywood propaganda that glorifies the medical industry. Talk about fairy tales? Doctors don't become doctors because they "care". They become doctors so they can act omnipotent, make a shitload of money off of government mandated healthcare and drive the Mercedes you talk about. Doctors and nurses are vile and disgusting in what they do, how they treat people and how they set themselves up above everyone else.

Air conditioning has more to do with better health than the medical industry does.

Politicians, Lawyers, Cops and Doctors could drop off the face of the earth tomorrow and the world would be a better place. We're not surprised that those like you who believe in TV Land wouldn't agree.

You are a believer in prayer/faith healing aren't you?

If this is true then it is amusing and ironic that you insult doctors as having a god complex.

You asked how often doctors reimburse mistakes? Quite often. If a dentist knowingly makes a mistake it is an unwritten law that he does not charge and does what he can to correct the mistake or refer you to someone who can. It is also common for doctors to refer patients to a specialist before a potential mistake is made, as knowing your limitations is an integral aspect of practicing medicine.

So you are saying I am practicing medicine medicine because "I don't care?" I guess you know my intentions and every other doctor better than I/we do.

Also, health care insurance wasn't mandated until 2010, and this is a reason why many physicians are leaving the profession, not joining.

Hey by the way asshole, the father of refigeration and air conditioning was a PHYSICIAN named John Gorrie.

Blah blah blah

Do you often argue with yourself Mark? I said nothing about healing by prayer. I do believe in cause and effect and the medical industry seeks to eliminate cause and effect in many ways which just serves to embolden people to take on more destructive behavior.

No I'm saying that if the money wasn't there then you would be doing something else. You do it for the money but you seek special recognition as if you are better than the lowly commoners.

And your claim is misleading about the invention of refrigeration. How many doctors are required to take classes in refrigeration and air conditioning? How many doctors are capable of repairing their refrigerators and air conditioners? Can you repair a refrigerator? I mean if I can then I guess any asshole can, right?

Just to be fair and clear though, I don't put dentistry on par with what I call the health care industry even though they can be just as arrogant and misleading about the extent of their importance at times.

If I treat this survey as an experiment...

then I would have to distance myself somehow, as I obviously have strong opinions on prescription medication and would project this to the subjects in some way.

I must take on a partner - an unwitting accomplice - an uninformed 3rd party...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I disagree with the premise.

You said: "On the one hand you've got smarter than average people..."

Highly educated does not mean smarter. As far as I'm concerned they are mostly dumb as a can of worms. For what it's worth. And I would say, judging by those I know in the medical field, that they generally believe in and submit to the sorceries they peddle.

That's a joke

Right? Who created the IQ test? A psychologist. A branch of the medical profession. Let a diesel mechanic create an intelligence test and see how the medical community scores.


Shows close correlation between IQ obtained through tests and income and success.