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Sad News

For those of you who were involved in NH with me from the beginning, very early on in 2007, I have some sad news.


She leaves four children I understand.

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What happened?

There is just a photo and no explanation.

Although i do remember her and her baby since I was there and part of me is in that pic.

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What can we do to help?

What can we do to help?

Southern Agrarian

What happened?

I'm assuming someone died, but who? You also said "we've lost 5 this way" what way? The link is a picture of a fundraiser with no news good or bad with it.

Thank you for posting

I am so very sorry.. heartbreaking news.

((((((((((Kaelan Freedom Brown))))))))))) Will ALWAYS be THE first freedom baby.

We should probably start a foundation in her name for children of parents who are standing for freedom.. home school// Tom Woods school.. something.. something.

Well I wasn't involved but

Well I wasn't involved but that's still very sad. It's always sad when we lose a fellow Paulian. Any donations being taken up for her family?

Not sure..

Not that I know of... they were collecting for Hardy Macia who died yesterday. He had been running Gary Johnson's campaign.

These folks were part of the FSP, who had moved to NH.

We've lost about 5 this way, mostly young.

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