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The idea of America and why I believe the pivot point has passed...

Between the Benghazi scandal, the aid and assistance to Syrian
'rebels' associated with like terrorist groups supposedly responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing, the IRS bias admittance of singling out Conservative political parties exempt from taxation, the WH wiretapping the press for 2 months, the Monsanto Immunity legislation Obama signed with forgetfulness of his implied revocation of GMO crops during his run for first term, I have become more comfortable in my opposition and the purpose we here at the DP serve. The motor in the fan is reaching panic and the heat that is being produced is the making of the very powers that have sought to keep it in unwavering propulsion...the mess is being recognized for what it is and I would like to think we all have played a significant part in the exposition of it.

The ride is just beginning and for the first time in this Nation's history we may be living to witness the most corrupt and belligerent governance of the people since the American Revolution.

Peace and Love.

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