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NOT Onion: FEMA Guide to being 'Honest,' for Statist Dummies; Talking Points for Dealing w/MSM

** As the saying goes: "Don't Lie; You won't have to remember as much."

The 'Guide' is dated October 2006:

Ever wonder how Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano keeps her cool during all of those stressful press conferences?

Melissa Melton
May 14, 2013
Truthstream Media.com

This handy dandy FEMA “Talking to the Media” tri-fold instructional card can’t hurt!

FEMA’s “Talking to the Media” card includes helpful “Transitional Phrases” and “Interview Tips and Techniques” dos and do nots…

Received this from a fan. I think my personal favorite is the reminder to “stay in your lane.” You know, “Meaning, keep it basic.”

“Hey Napolitano, what’s up with all those mass bullet buys? Do you know something we don’t about why DHS needs billions of hollow point bullets?”

“That’s an interesting question, but to finish what I was saying…”

Potential jokes are seemingly endless. If a FEMA worker sees something, he or she should say something…but not before checking this card first!

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