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Ron Paul endorsed US Senate candidate for 2014

Rep Paul Broun from Georgia is running in an open seat race. This one can be won for liberty. Dr. Paul Broun needs our support (money). Join in his July money bomb.


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I read where Dr. Paul said nice things about him but,

where's the actual endorsement?

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I'd rather see

TMOT win that seat, but I don't live in GA so good luck GA. I just hope you get one of the good guys.

I'm assuming...

he's running in the GOP primary? If so, does he have the establishment backing or is he fighting the establishment?

Sounds like he's already a congressman so the establishment will probably prop him up. In the event that he loses I hope he'll be able to keep his congressional seat. I'd hate to see him lose both.

End the Fed!

Yes! Paul Broun was the one to sponsor audit the Fed legislation first session after Dr. Paul retired.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

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