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Freedom is a scary thing

Freedom is a scary thing. I have been working for a corporation for over 8 years. Dealing in Human Resources is a tough job, providing service for upset participants who are determined to stop at nothing but give you a hard time. It is as if all I had known was that I was earning a fixed Income, receiving benefits, and on the sidelines pushing Liberty to its maximum potential.

Still something did not seem right to me.

I was being told what to do, how to behave, how to talk, when to eat, what to wear. How could I fully understand Liberty while living like a slave this whole time?

I resigned from my position today. (for reasons not specified in this post)

The Idea of quitting was freighting to me. Yet, It was liberating when I had exited to building. Listening to the birds chirp, feeling the spring sunlight against my face. I could not have felt better and I am ready to start my new career.

Case in point at first being Free is a scary thought. Fear is a tool TPTB are very good at implanting in your head. However, when you hold you breath and take the jump into freedom its refreshing.

NOTE- I am not advocating anyone to quit their job by any means... but it feels great when you give your boss the professional finger.

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To make a modest and honest

To make a modest and honest wage and be healthy and happy, or make millions and be physically or mentally sick and miserable?

Money most certainly does not buy happiness. It's a curse for the worse.

I can see/feel your smile!

True happiness is priceless.

What is Freedom?

A big smile full of happy.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.