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HomeSec Seizes Funds at Main Bitcoin Exchange

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i am not very interested in things created out of thin air

i tend to be an old school constitutionalist that still believes in physical precious metals that actually need to be mined out of the ground!

way to promote bitcoin fellas

way to promote bitcoin fellas

Trying to stop bitcoin is

Trying to stop bitcoin is like trying to stop file sharing.

Seems like some "libertarians" on here are almost cheering the government in its actions against Bitcoin. Funny stuff.

They like to operate with

"records under seal" don't they? And don't mess with money, ok?

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Aren't both this new religion, "National Security", and its new church, "the Department of Homeland Security", so convenient and zealous to the state, to SCREW US ALL, people, in such great systematic ways?


Now you know it. You can invent anything you want. You can innovate in every possible way to try return to some fairness by the means of freer markets.

There is nothing that will escape the statist plunder-hungry parasites and their predatory plans over it: it's all for "National Security".

Too bad you don't get to decide about any of the phrase's relevance.

The perfect plunder scheme.

Ironically enough, we are living the most exciting times of human history for the human mind not willing to surrender on liberty, IMO:

condemned to find ways to outsmart the beast, to starve it, while being devored by it at the same time.

It's either that or you can re-read Huxley's Brave New World for a refresher on a mild version of the next milestones that will be ready for the generations to come.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Yay, I feel much safer, now



I heard they can never totally stop Bitcoin.......


can't. One exchange does not equal Bitcoin. Plus Bitcoin is global.