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Pregnant mom of 4 sentenced to jail for refusing to serve in Iraq

After serving a tour of duty in Iraq in 2006, she found herself unable to return.

She tells Amy Goodman in the Guardian why:

“I had a huge awakening seeing the war as it truly is: people losing their lives for greed of a nation, and the effects on the soldiers who come back with new problems such as nightmares, anxieties, depression, anger, alcohol abuse, missing limbs and scars from burns. Some don’t come back at all.”

Her attorney, James Branum, who defends soldiers who resist deployment, told me:

“She felt that she morally could not do what she was asked to do; at the same time, she realized that she would put other soldiers in danger if she didn’t pull the trigger when the time came. She talked to a chaplain about it. The chaplain largely pushed her aside, did not give her the counsel that she really needed.”


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She is an Indentured servant.

She is an Indentured servant. She voluntarily signed a contract in which she agreed to do X for Y number of months or years. And she is now choosing to violate the contract that she agreed to and signed. I feel badly for her, but she did this to herself.

Larry in North Carolina
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There is a contract

and there is morality.

Downvote wasn't from me as you do bring up a good point.

Before getting into a war or the military one must understand what they are doing.

But what if they are lured in?

For instance I was lured in to work in a "forest" (sand, hehe - I wanted to be a forest ranger) and blow stuff up (people - but what kid back then didn't like fireworks) and I saw right through it. But back then it was easy to get a good paying job. I held two, and went to college, couldn't get a loan for state (due to not signing the "voluntary" form), but paid for community college.

Things have been different since then, way different.

Right now I think kids graduating high school should join a trade school and forget bigger stuff, unless through some miracle you will be at the top of your class. We need HVAC guys, mechanics, and even web programmers. You might not get rich but you might make enough as a wage slave to raise a family and not have your job outsourced. (edit: as a mechanic you can own your own business, also I failed to mention selling homes, that's another good one.)

If you CAN escape the rat race I highly advise it. I gave up on corporatism, and work as a wage slave for a really cool guy. I don't get paid as much, but I am way happier, even though I haven't escaped the rat race yet.)

So yes, she did violate the contract, but if you signed one with your work and you suddenly realized your work was killing hundreds of people every week/month what would you do? Maybe she's milking it. I doubt she will be rewarded for her actions. It's not my part to judge though. If she continued to take benefits after negating the contract that would be immoral. But maybe she can have a dishonorable discharge and live in peace?

No clue.

Desperate times call for desparate measures

that and people who truly want to protect our country.

But a lot of young people are lured in, a lot of young people want the education and the money since the job market sucks.

I have one former Navy guy at my work who wants to go back, work 5 years, and retire. I don't know if he'd be working for the Navy or some private entity.

I have a former friend who is a mother of three who works for the Navy as there is no job market for her out here. Her youngest is two or so and lives with her newest sponge of a (third) husband, who doesn't even really take care of the daughter to my knowledge.

(edit): this was intended as a reply to befree

I wish they all would refuse to go

and please explain to me why ANYONE is joining up to do this???


Do they normally deploy pregnant people? Or did she get pregnant after refusing deployment?


I really feel for this woman and her children. Good for her for refusing to go! This is an outrage.

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