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WHO in Boston: Bombing Story Mysteries

[I'm starting a few paragraphs in and only posting a few paragraphs to whet your appetite. It's a good article though so I recommend you go to the URL and read the whole thing. And I highly recommend this site as a legitimate news source]


So what about the Boston Marathon bombing, in which innocent people died seemingly at the hands of anti-American monsters? While some insist that under these circumstances everyone, including the media, should prove their patriotism by shutting their eyes and ears, we hope you agree that especially at such times it’s important to ask the tough, even unpopular questions. The Boston story, as we previously noted, is full of question marks and high-stakes implications—all the more reason to dig beneath the screen of official handouts. And, in the coming weeks, that’s just what WhoWhatWhy plans to do.

For now, here are some examples of the things we wish to better understand:

Race Security

We have been told—and see evidence—of a security presence unprecedented at such athletic events. This includes the claims by Alastair Stevenson, a college cross-country coach and frequent marathoner, that he heard announcements of security drills that day and saw beefed up security. It also includes the presence of personnel from the private contractor Craft International, first in the crowd watching the runners, then, after the bombs went off, actively involved in the crime scene investigation. Is there an explanation for this? What exactly were these security people deployed against?

The JFK Library Fire

We’re told that a fire broke out at almost exactly the same time as the Marathon bombing, a short distance away at the JFK library. Although initial reports indicated a possible explosion, we have since been told that it was just an “accident.” We’ve had very few details since then, though the museum did reopen after a number of days.


We originally heard from reporters that a police officer from MIT was killed during a confrontation with the Tsarnaev brothers. Later, around the time of a highly publicized funeral for the “hero cop,” the authorities quietly revised their story; in the new account, the officer was shot while sitting in his car, perhaps during an attempt to take his gun, though we’ve seen no evidence of this. No explanation of why the Tsarnaev brothers would even have been on the campus, or wanted or needed his gun, nor has hard proof been produced that the brothers were in fact the cop killers.


In the midst of the manhunt, we were told that the suspects robbed a 7-11 convenience store to obtain cash for a getaway. But later, that scenario vaporized. How did the initial wrong story come about?

How Tamerlan Died

On the night Tamerlan Tsarnaev was reportedly shot by police, then accidentally run over by his fleeing younger brother, CNN broadcast a video showing a crime scene teeming with police, in which a handcuffed man who looks quite a bit like Tamerlan—having been made to strip naked—is being hustled into a patrol car. The reporters speculated at the time that it might indeed be the bombing suspect.

Later on, the police issued a statement saying it was someone else, a case of mistaken identity. Fine. But who was it? Surely by now we can be told the name of that person—and presumably that person would have no problem recounting his harrowing evening. Perhaps the police are withholding his identity at his request—but given all the wild online speculation that the man in the video might have been Tamerlan himself, why not make more of an effort to clear up the matter? (While the original CNN video does not appear to be available online, numerous people copied and posted versions onto YouTube—and can be found there with a search on “naked man Watertown CNN.”)

[read the whole article at the URL]

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Video of Tamerlan yelling "set up!" in Russian as he is being

arrested. Read the comment by "jo lita".
Also on O'Donnell's The Last Word show tonight, he interviewed 5 of the Watertown shootout cops. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/45755883/ns/msnbc-the_last_word/vp...
One of the cops said he tackled Tamerlan on the sidewalk by a fence. This video corroborates that scene. If that is Tamerlan, then that would mean the cops gave him over to the FEDS and they killed him.


Hijacked Danny said Tamerlan hijacked him and Jahar met them and they unloaded the Honda and put stuff into Danny's SUV. Then Jahar got in the car with them. The Honda was at the scene of the shootout....in the middle of the street, not parked next to a curb.(You will need to go and look for pics or there are many videos showing the car in the middle of street) http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/27/17944133-police-e...
That would mean someone else drove the car there. That could mean the people yelling in Russian were the guys that drove the Honda and the guy being led away was not Tamerlan, but he was yelling about being set up and someone was answering him back in Russian/Chechen. That would mean there were 4 "Terrorists".


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Indeed, Ralph

And I might add...this whole event stinks to high heaven.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.