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Obama once said, "AK-47's belong in the hands of soldiers, not criminals"...

Either this was said in haste or he is as ignorant to the purpose and significance of soldiery than a newborn infant. Conscription into illegal and unconstitutional wars is nothing less than criminals using arbitrators with Arms instead of pens. Criminals are made without knowledge of them being made so and that doesn't excuse the criminal aspect therein. The current administration has made it crystal clear that criminals need not point the gun, only steep the hands of those pointing them and damn them for calling all others in possession of these Arms criminals when the percentage of those illicit in criminal acts are fractional to the whole and unconcerned with ANY attempts made by executive action to make their realization of possession impossible. The term "criminal" is defined by those who throw the term loosely into the public arena...shame on our leader to make such a hypocritical statement when his administration has overseen the deaths, rather murders of those who were given far less than a known criminal protected, and rather impotently now, by what shreds of the Constitution have been allowed to flounder and squirm beneath it.


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