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Remember when...

You were just a poser for liberty.. Remember going to the county and state conventions thinking you were doing all you could while accepting tyranny at every level of government. Remember when there was that Iraq veteran against the war who stood up back in the day when all the posers were supporting a fascist state through laziness and fear. The next question is do you want to remember that time that a true patriot stood up against tyranny with no support from the other patriots in America or do you want to lay in your death bed knowing that your cowardice allowed tyranny to perpetuate an evil upon this world?


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before he sold out

and sold his soul

he spoke with sincerity here... not anymore

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


Or maybe you were not even a delegate for Ron Paul because even that would have been too much of a sacrifice. Or maybe you see now that the skills, knowledge and passion that you have has put you in a unique position in the history of the world.