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Need Advice! Electronic Cigarette Ban in California (SB648)

I've been a Ron Paul supporter since 2008 and have donated numerous hours and lots of money to his campaigns. Now I need help from the community.

I live here in California and own an e-cigarette shop. We are doing extremely well lately because "vaping" has truly helped people stop smoking cigarettes.

Now they are trying to pass legislation that would prohibit advertising of electronic cigarettes and restrict their use in public places. Essentially, they are trying to regulate it as a tobacco product even though it does not contain any tobacco!

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done, but nearly all of the existing research shows that it is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Those aiming to pass this bill (sb648) are pointing to questionable studies that show trace amounts of certain chemicals. Keep in mind that there are trace amounts of insects in our ketchup as well! The levels found are within the range approved by the FDA.

The people who drafted this bill are claiming that they are protecting others from "second-hand vapor." In reality, they are forcing those who have quit or in the process of quitting smoking to stand in the smoking area with other smokers. There is likely to be more harmful chemicals in our California smog than there is from the water vapor expelled from an e-cig.

My question to the community is this: how can we take what we've learned in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns regarding grassroots support, fundraising, and organizing in order to ensure that this bill does not pass? All advise would be welcome.

"For the People"
Joey M.

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I think we should ramp it up even farther

Regulating and controlling E-Cigs? That is too close to dangerous anarchy for me.

I think we should ban farting indoors. We should install a meter in the rectum of everyone that monitors methane emissions and sounds an alarm to alert everyone to the danger if they try to pass gas silently. We can call them FartMeters.

I think California politicians should be the first trial group before this goes nationwide.

CASAA and a friendly PSYOP are your best bet

There are advocacy groups CASAA is one, though this probably justifies getting more organized. I'm willing to help you, PM me.

Step 1: Organize the troops -

Create a advocacy facebook page to get people involved and connected. Contact every e-cig shop in the state to get onboard. If you know someone who is good at social media, have them help. Use political campaign techniques to model after. Keep it at the top of everyone's mind. Start coordinating with CASAA to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Step 2: Prep the battlefield -
I'd recommend running a media campaign including press releases to all the media channels. Use some CASAA materials to get started. You may be able to get some of the epidemiologists to help the cause. More resources below. Hammer every news station in San Diego, Orange County, LA, and Northern Cal with press releases. Monday and Tuesday are slower news days typically and you have more of a chance to run your story. Orange County Register would likely be a key ally to work on.

Step 3: Unleash the troops -

Once you've gotten a reasonable massing of people, start doing protests, or friendly media campaigns in public places to get more assistance from people. Have them donate to CASAA, sign petitions, whatever. The key will be to embarrass the legislators into not doing anything. If you get enough money, hire a lobbyist.

Legislators are evil, they don't respond to reason. They respond to embarrassment and money. If you make a big enough stink, or lobby them with money, they'll go away.

Here are some more ideas for resources: www.vapify.us/health.html

You're right.

We need to show our strength with our number of vapers in our community, $, willingness to take action, and ability to organize.

Google+ Account: www.jmariano.com

What I would do

I would go to my CA GOP central committee meeting, make my case and ask for help. They could help you write a counter resolution, connect you with a lobbiest, help you with getting the word out.

I would write a letter and send it to as many newspapers, magazines, radio stations I could come up with.

I would organize a rally, connect with others in your business, have speakers, bands.. have a VAP

I would attend a city council meeting and speak up.

Beimg you have a shop... I would plaster it with PRO VAP messages, attract as much attention as I could.. have a Happy Hour (see if the company can help you with promotional gifts.. have prizes.. try to get MSM attention.

I would reserve a spot in 4th of July parades.. and I would have business cards with PRO VAP messages and psss them out at parades, concerts.

I would put an ad in the whatever WEEKLY you have L.A. WEEKLY get on the back page.


Got it! Thanks for the

Got it! Thanks for the insight. That's what we need to do.

Google+ Account: www.jmariano.com

People out here have lost

People out here have lost most brain function (just look at our politicians: Jerry Brown? Please!), so just tell them new government studies show that e-cigs are actually beneficial to the environment and the president loves 'em more than candy. (Just don't put it in writing or you'll see false advertising charges filed against you... Good luck!)

Worth a shot maybe. :)

I live in SoCal. Where is

I live in SoCal. Where is your shop located? I'd like to drop by and get some stuff for my PV.

Caught the Vapors in Burbank,

Caught the Vapors in Burbank, CA.

Google+ Account: www.jmariano.com

I'll be there this weekend.

I'll be there this weekend.

Me too.


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create an electronic

cigar or pipe then

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Equal protection clause

if they ban one vapor, then they must ban all. Perfume, deodorant etc.

I am highly allergic to perfume and air wick - air fresheners especially the heated ones that force the vapor into the air. Perfume actually makes some people's throat close up, and is very dangerous.

I don't care if people use perfume, etc., but I was thinking of starting a lawsuit against our city's smoking ban because it's unconstitutional. It only "protects" against people who are allergic, annoyed by, health risk by, etc....smoking.

It creates a special protection, it's unequal in how the law was made.

It would be like saying only blind people are disabled, but if you can't hear, have no legs, can't speak etc., the American's with disabilities Act wouldn't apply.

In affect they have created a law that violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

Vapors from perfume or air fresheners, like the ones the put in public restrooms have far more chemicals than your water vapor smoking e-sticks.

First thing you do is go to the air fresheners companies that install those systems in restaurants. the manufactures of them and perfume and any other company making things with vapors like Windex and inform them, or get money for the cause. Candles give off soot vapor, they going to ban those in restaurants and public places too?

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In every regard...

California has led the nation in early and draconian smoking bans.

It may suck, but sometimes you need to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. I hear the Free State project is looking for people to live in NH... ;)

Seriously, California was lost a very long time ago. It's my home state and I would love to go back, but I refuse to go back for anything more than a visit so long as it remains Socialist Republic Of California.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

move to Texas

or some other Liberty state

They Banned It

at the local library here too. It's so stupid. It's just part of the deep brainwashing that the masses suffer from. I hate to hear that the "trendy" state of California is to backwards. Stupidity doesn't know boundaries though. You are going to have to put together a lot of information about the vapor "cigarette" and have someone who is very good at speaking present that info to the dumbasses that decide this. I have a feeling it's more about threatening the tobacco companies than about the safety to others though. It always is.


point them towards studies

that show that e cigs alone were determined to not be sufficient cause for an increase in health insurance premiums.

No magic bullet I'm sorry to say.

Thanks for the input

That's a good point actually. Something we have not discussed. I came here to ask for advise because I know how innovative the Daily Paul community is.

Google+ Account: www.jmariano.com