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None of you are getting out of this thing alive anyway...

A provocative post (I know) but hey...

I'm trying to look past the Kokesh/DC thing... let's talk about the larger point AJ is making here:
Do we think 'it' will cost us nothing but 'winning' a court case here and there?
Getting a liberty candidate into the '535' here and there?
Filming yet 'another' brutal event here and there?
Are we really in a fight for our life with this 'thing'?
He made me think...

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What is the

medical miracle you are referring to? Apparently I haven't been exposed to the discussion.

Click the link.

There has been no discussion allowed here for you to be exposed to. If you still don't understand after you click the link, I will spell it out for you.
There was a medical miracle, someone should be dead, and yet they are not. We are not allowed to notice.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

My opinion

if I am permitted to have one around here... This has to be bigger than DC. Too many of us cannot get to DC even if we wanted.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


thanks for opining :)
btw... that's my point concisely... it IS bigger than DC.

If not now, when?

Where is your line in the sand?

Alex, whether you know it or not, you just....

made Adam's argument. How many people have been arrested and brutalized in this country for using cameras to record police criminality? Leave our right to bear arms to the COURT, the same COURT that legitimized Obamacare and using "eminent domain" to steal private property for the use of "fat cat" corporations. The right to bear arms is a NATURAL right, Alex. No stand down, no surrender of weapons and no submitting to arrest. Why not trust divine providence or at least the "herd mentality" to follow on the offensive. Who knows how many cops and military will be on our side? Then WHO is gonna blink, us or them?

Our bloody heritage...

The exact number that fought in the actual revolutionary war is not known however there are many estimates around 200,000 at one point or another fought.. The final number of American casualties was around 50,000.. An estimated 25,000 died in battle throughout the years.. And estimated 17,000 died of diseases specially those who were prisoners of wars held captive in prison ships..

The total of British soldiers that served is not known as it couldve been anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000 including officers, conscripts, and mercenaries.. About 170,000 of them were seamen in the navy and about half of them had been pressed into service.. However there is no realible and accurate statistic on how many total British died..

Also theres no accurate statistic for how many Spanish, French, and Native Americans died..

Oh and as far as the Germans they lost about 1,300 in battle and additionally about 7,000 died from disease.. Approximately 16,000 Germans returned home however about 5,000 remained in America for several reasons and many of them eventually became American citizens..

Total population of the British colonies in North America in 1770: 2,165,076

Estimated portion of the 2.5 million colonists during the Revolutionary War period who remained loyal to Britain during the Revolution: as many as 500,000 (20% of white Americans)

Total American battle casualties in the Revolutionary War: 6,824 (estimates range between this figure and 4,435; some 90% of them came from the Continental Army)

Ratio of American deaths to the free white male population (aged sixteen to 45) who served in the war: 1 in 20

Total Americans wounded in the Revolutionary War: 8,445

Total American deaths from disease in the Revolutionary War: 10,000 (approximation)

Total Americans who died in British prisons in the Revolutionary War: 8,500

Total Americans captured in the Revolutionary War: 18,152

Total British casualties from battle and disease in the Revolutionary War: around 24,000

Haven't watched the video yet but...

...yes I think this is a critical time. If we let tyranny take over the country, it's not going to be easy to get out of it. Look at how long TPTB have held down the countries it holds down. TPTB have all the means to keep people under their thumb. The time to speak up against this is NOW while we still have some level of freedom left. So yes, treat now like things are urgent before things get past the tipping point (hopefully they're not there already).

I agree completely with Alex. We witness draconian action after draconian action come to fruition and what do we do? Nothing. We are losing this battle of draconian actions. We are waking people up slowly but surely which is the most important battle. But they are hitting us on the flanks with their in-your-face tyranny. At this point if we lose the guns, of which I personally hate, we are fucked. And btw, we de facto, have already lost them. Try finding and buying ammunition.

As much as I hate to type this Online, Adam is right. We, being born into this world, were granted, by whatever created us, the basic right to defend ourselves. Wasn't every living creature born with this right? The leviathan does not have the right to take away our right to defend ourselves; here, there, or in DC.

Furthermore, if we want to prevent as many deaths as possible, statistics show that the State is by far the most lethal disease in history. So allowing the State to un-arm its subjects is basically a call for democide.

Alex is right too. The more educated eyes observe this brave activism, the less chance of provocateurs. I don't know about his court case statement.

I just hope Adam and Co. have no ammo in those arms.

guise, guise

it's the teutonic Zionist Nazis who are behind all of this.

buy muh filters!


Best Way I Know To Fight

is to boycott as much corporate garbage as I can, try to be as self sufficient as I can and wake as many people up as I can. I can't go to DC though I would love to if I could. I believe the hundredth monkey effect is the best hope we have. That is what Ron Paul is counting on. I just hope we have time before "they" lower the boom.