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"The Search for Liberty" Short Film on YouTube

New short film "The Search for Liberty" has been released on YouTube. We would appreciate it if everyone supports the film by viewing it, leaving comments and/or likes on our YouTube channel. Don't Forget to Subscribe!!
Also, please check out the movie's Facebook Page where you can view behind the scenes photos and vote for your favorite Character/Scene.



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Nice job...

Watched the whole movie...
Nice Job with the plot twists.. lots of thought.
The 'core' is there.
One of you is 'director' material!

Like a musician with a song on a homemade tape.
If a producer likes it....
the industry can take the 'core'
and work the Nashville 'magic' on it.
Great work guys... I wish you success...
and that you find your producer.

Thank you

Thank you for your comment. Please help spread the word about the film to others.

Great Movie

Really enjoyed it.

I Don't Have A Youtube Account Anymore

Google started demanding personal info and I refused to give it so I could no longer access my account. I deleted it because that. I will watch the film though.


Jefferson's picture


for later viewing.

Good luck in the Paul Revere contest

Thanks again

appreciate the support