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Open letter to Ron Paul and his followers!

Dr. Ron Paul,

I am writing this letter that it may serve as a proposition and petition to the people of this Nation, further that you may endorse or support such a proposition and petition. This proposition is not for the benefit of money, admiration, exaltation, the gains of power, or syndication for any affluence of notoriety it may bring. This is a proposition that will allow you the privilege of serving those who still believe they cast a counted and fair vote, who believed they could bring an ease of change through our current president’s mired rhetoric and who may still hold some thread of hope that you will redirect the initiatives that can bring about the sustainability, compassion, liberty, justice, creativity, imagination and tolerance of and for this Nation.

This letter is drawn by inspiration and the demand of the people in their ever-awakening state around the globe to realize the setting free of information, so that we might advance not just technologically, but emotionally, spiritually and Constitutionally; to see the light of Independence above the gathering veil of Federal-Dependency, Federal-Collusion, therefore unveiling the truth about the United States Government-Corporation of the District of Columbia; to put at rest the agenda of Fear and allow the innate intuitions of Love, Compassion and Integrity to flourish freely and wholly; to stand against the defeatist policies that have wrought the resources of this Earth through War, Trade, Geneticism, Biotechnology and Vanity, upheld by a brazen disregard for the Constitutionalism upon which THIS nation was founded.

This is a letter forged with concern for the simple reason that many of us no longer trust our government or the governmental institutions it implies: the very government that has claimed to secure and uphold the inalienable rights of the people it serves, with no foundation to source this claim, while using the citizens of this nation as surety in commerce without their consent and true understanding that they have been defrauded by their corporate-entity ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAME, created by the institutions of government at their birth. We the people, of this Nation, will not be silenced in our pursuit of Happiness, Liberty, Truth and Life. We shall not withhold the grievances that be voiced by these words! Above all else, I write this letter for my family, my wife and my children. They afford me the privilege and gift to pursue a future where we have as a unified people allowed ourselves to understand our true purpose: we are not here to deceive one another, violate one another or hinder each other’s right to life, health, choice, development, education, experience or voice. Our children are the examples of who we can become, their innocence and curiosity and pliability of mind the examples of who we truly are and deeply aspire to reclaim. The cycle of conflict, ignorance, apartness, duality, limitation and boundary are self-preserving if there is no remedy allowed us to abate them.

We the people are wary of Government hypocrisy and authoritarianism. We the people are being forced to stay this wariness in our apportionment of ideas, that increasingly seek to end the tyranny we have been subjected to. We the people are more steadfast than ever that we can bring to fruition the corruptions and deceptions too long compounded by passive, incompetent, negligent usurpers of Constitutional Law in every stead and political office. We are under increasing surveillance, justified by and complicit to fear. We are bombarded with toxins/poisons through our foods, waters and air, at the direct behest of multinational corporations who advance their genetically modified agenda by government collusion. We have become complacent to the indecencies and lies that have shuffled us into undeclared, unjustified wars, and that even in knowing these indecencies and lies to be valid, we are coerced to remain wary not to upset the system that keeps us bound and susceptible to the very continuance of them.

The fact that the greatest attack on American soil has been continuously concealed despite and enormity of scrutiny based on physics, mathematics, forensics and witness testimony can be no more obvious of blatant deception and some underlying purpose for the ongoing agenda to keep the event under secrecy, far removed from public obtainment. There is a great flaw within the policies presided over us, whether deliberate or incompetent in nature. I was raised to believe in the goodness and genuineness of people and that with enough persistence and hope and love, anything, any change is possible. At this point in time we have started to realize our cage, rather the prison that our minds occupy, and in our growing sensitivity to it we are restless and appalled to find it so. This nation is not a Democracy, or even a Constitutional Republic…it is a Communist/Fascist Dictatorship controlled by elite interests, foreign and domestic, who seek to control through manipulation, favor through incomplete and partial truths, own by modifying the genetics of our life-code, bewilder through mass-media distraction and confine through threats of terror, thickening that confinement by the dilution of the privacies and liberties we have by an imposition of expansive security.

How do we disconnect from the propaganda when those we entrust to represent us and speak for us falter and reveal their representation and voice in favor of the powers that give rise to the expansion of that which continues to falter us? The people of this nation have been deceived, misinformed and set aside for an agenda that has for years strengthened from deception, misinformation and the setting aside of its people, carrying every symptom of its infection within the true industry we uphold today…the Industry of Money.

This is not a proposition or petition against the industry of money. This is a petition against the current utilization of the money within that industry; against the conception afforded to the people as to what money represents and what it is truly backed by. This is a proposition/petition that has been written for a fairer nation, a compassionate nation, an awakened nation and nation that has been led to believe we are separate, unconnected, unable to take responsibility for our own lives, inept, against him, against her, against someone and they against us, dispassionate, hated and despised for our deepening illusion of freedom, opposed and far from reconciliation, between each other…between other nations.

This True Industry settles little by truth and avails itself nothing of industrious. It has brought about Free-Trade and a crippling Free-Trade deficit. It has furthered the segregation of the people by class, social status and material possession. It has burned and sold the ashes of an untold history of this nation to an Establishment that has kept it untaught, replacing it with an incomplete history that is. It has vehemently driven a debt that our children will face, without a fathom of understanding as to how, for no Instrument of Debt can repay a debt and being that all debt is public, their children will in procession receive the burden that their parents were complicit to.

It is our global divide. It is the ingredient of extortion, murder and deceit, applying itself to every industry from Agriculture to Pharmacy. It has been altered and counterfeited countless time over by those who lord over it, as to indemnify it from the woes it and they had prior caused. It has been pivotal to the abuse and rape of our natural resources, the genetic modification of everything from bacteria to soy, the patenting of life through genetic engineering and the transition of the medical industry into an industry of drug-induction. It affords no defeat but that unto itself. It has been taxed ten-Thousand fold through its transfer of ownership, so that literally all fiat paper currency is reduced and solely a commodity of taxation encumbered with debts impossible to pay or legitimately owe. I am bewildered by its will and frightened by its power. It lobbies in secrecy and in secrecy creates and invites lobby. It keeps no soul or conscious, yet influences the decisions of our very soul and consciousness, whether collectively through foreign aid or individually through consumerism. It has made devils of men and men of devils. It has singularly subjected all of humankind, by its incredible and perpetual fraud of taxation without representation and devaluation by means counterfeit. It has subjected humankind to a slavery by wage, whereby what we have hoped to secure our families and futures by, has otherwise become value-deplete by deliberate and reckless usury of governmental bodies, simultaneously applying its stolen volume to the militaristic ruining of nations and sovereignties and those living within them, in the name of some liberating, altruistic principle supported by a god that is enforced by Its collectivist-associative inscription upon it.

I am a native Citizen of this country, as are my wife and children. I commend you for your adamancy in upholding the Constitution that has been pummeled and deranged by legislation since its inception. There is an immense number of us who are becoming the very change we wish to see in this world. The upheaval of the Middle East is evident of a great shift in the consciousness of people, demanding the rid of corruption and the longevity of abusive and subjective political seats and titles. I have no greater concern for the future of this nation than now, for it is by the birth of my children that I’ve been moved to write and submit and speak out against the policies and actors that are endangering their rights to future prosperity, liberty and life, not least of all their inalienable right to pursue happiness how they see fit.

The only changes we have control over are the changes we envision in ourselves, and from those changes we envision in ourselves bring them into scope by action, cooperative and persistent. I hope this proposition/petition inspires you as your words have inspired me, for we need someone who will continue to speak for preservation on all fronts, whether it’s organic crops or the abolishment of the IRS and Federal Reserve Banks, as they move to completely devalue the dollar/petro-dollar and plot further theft of the labors of the people of this nation. We need someone to speak about the continual contamination of staple crops by multinational corporations through genetic modification of everything from soy to sugarbeets, canola to corn. We need someone who will speak about the real issues facing this nation, rather the people of this world. We need someone who will speak of those issues directly, firmly and without reservation or fear of the bureaucratic, elite-corporate-owned government of the United States.

The opportunity and hope is at hand for great change in this world and within the invisible borders of this country and I seek to merely present a case as a concerned parent and American Citizen. Peace be with you and yours and with the utmost respect I commend you and you dedication to upholding you oath of office for so long.

Genuinely and wholeheartedly,


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Not a big fan of "War", surely...

..but otherwise I'm good with the concept of wringing "the resources of this Earth through ... Trade." Also, as a living organism who has been historically condemned to die at around age thirty-five of malnutrition or other trauma, I'm also big of the life and leisure extending benefits of "Biotechnology" (dentistry, agriculture, botony, oncology...). As for "Vanity", that's pretty much a neutral issue. Like self-love, or self-awareness, vanity is neither good nor bad. A healthy life probably needs a measure of self-regard, and a pathological narcissist likely has an inflated sense of entitlement and grandiosity. The final mystery in your missive is "Geneticism". I don't even know what that is supposed to mean. If it's supposed to be a branch of biotech, then it is also a neutral concept like "hammer" or "gun." The moral problems arise with the application, not the instrument itself.

Thanks for the engaging puzzle.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

A message...

for 2016!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I should have shortened my letter...

and not included anything of substance...

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Thank you DP for the privilege of posting this letter -

If not a single person reads it at least I put it out there -

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

For those who read the entire letter I thank you...

this was and is my heart poured onto paper and no matter how it is received here, I am empowered at the chance to post it and grateful to those who see value in it.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I have

I have and I think you did a excellent job on your open letter. I too feel the urgency to get back to the Constitution. Thank you and keep writing I will keep reading.

To clarify...

the letter was never sent - it is being submitted for all eyes for the first time today!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

"This is a letter forged with

"This is a letter forged with concern for the simple reason that many of us no longer trust our government or the governmental institutions it implies: the very government that has claimed to secure and uphold the inalienable rights of the people it serves, with no foundation to source this claim, while using the citizens of this nation as surety in commerce without their consent and true understanding that they have been defrauded by their corporate-entity ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAME, created by the institutions of government at their birth."

I am guilty of long sentences myself sometimes but this one really takes the cake =)

If he hasn't replied for 2

If he hasn't replied for 2 years and 3 months then I think its safe to say that Mr. Nystrom was right =D