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Ron Paul at 2013 Metals and Minerals Investment Conference - 5/13/13 (Pictures)

I attended the 2013 Metals and Minerals Investment Conference in New York, NY last Monday and was privileged to hear Dr. Paul speak for an hour. Since being "woken up" in 2007 it was a dream for me to be able to hear him speak and I got to cross that off my list. It also was my birthday and what a treat it was!

On my way out of the Grand Marquis, I decided to stay put for a little bit to see if I could meet Dr. Paul. Sure enough, I turned to my left and Dr. Paul was standing outside the lobby with a small rolling briefcase ready to leave. No one had noticed him, so I went over and thanked him for waking me up to the problems in this country and got to shake his hand. Also added that it was an honor to see him speak and now meet him on my birthday!

Didn't ask for a photo outside, but here are some from his speech!


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That sign on the podium

The sign it contrasts so well against his persona. Warrants?

-quiet engineer