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Government Employee War on We the People Will Lead to Civil Insurrection

Let's stop calling it "The Government" or "The System" and start putting a human face on it.

Our Government Employees are at War with We the People. The Government Employees that run the system are using the system to violently attack and abuse the American people with every manner of the 40,000 laws, codes, and regulations the law writer government employees made for us to abide by.

From spying on every private communication recorded from years back only to pull those communications up to use against us as our government employees see fit, to buying two billion hollow point bullets to be used on We the People, to building a total militarized police state from sea to shining sea to be used against the electorate.

IRS immunity, so as to use those employees as a political weapon to terrorize political enemies at the whim of whatever administration is in charge at the time. This should be a crime against We the People.

Why are our government employees doing this to us? To try to preserve their salary and benefits twice the private sector rate? To try to preserve their pensions and lifestyles paid for by We the People?

All I know is there is Not going to be a Civil War in the United States of America if this situation keeps up. We the People are heavily arming ourselves too.

What there is going to be in America is a Civil Insurrection War on Government Employees we employ at every level of government, Federal, State, and Local. We the People will get the situation under control when our Government Employees get the proper attitude adjustment and realize who their real employer is and who they're supposed to be working for, not against.

You're either with the General Public We The People or you're with the Rogue Government Employees committing terrorist acts of violence on We The People.

How much more evidence do you need? This is what happens when you militarize a police state against We The People. This is just what happened to us this past months. There are thousands of more examples like this on Youtube.

Police Beat a Father To Death While He Begs For Help - Then Arrest Witnesses and Confiscate Video

Shock Video: California Police Break Into Home, Tase Victims

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Submitted by October2007 on

Submitted by October2007 on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 21:42

"We all know that the big agribusiness companies have the U.S. government in their back pockets so trying to get these companies to stop selling their dangerous products is futile.

So instead of going after Monsanto/Syngenta, why not sue the farmers that actually buy the seeds and plant them?

Bottom line: If farmers would get sued for poisoning us with their crops, they'd be afraid to buy/plant any GMO crop which will lead them to stop doing business with Monsanto/Sungenta.

It's just a thought..."

Great prosecution angle. It's like my idea of holding our government employees responsible for what they're letting the perceived owners of our planet do to us, by only representing those illegitimate powers, and not protecting us from them.

I don't know if you got that angle yet from this thread I posted? It comes down to, who you have first hand to hold responsible.

I mean, it's our government employees whom we pay for, exercising power over all of our lives?

Do you think its some invisible satanic ghost-like creature whom we can't see with our own eyes, so we can't hold anybody responsible for our persecution?

The psychotic behavior of our

The psychotic behavior of our government employees needs to be addressed.

The government employee war

The government employee war on us is starting to get personal.

I see government employee

I see government employee terrorists terrorizing We the People on every front by every alphabet soup government agency in recent days.

In 21 days it will be all

In 21 days it will be all over the country; the news President Barack Obama has been systematically sicking his alphabet soup agency henchmen on his list of political enemies for many years.

The tyrannical force of government employee thugs Obama's been using on American citizens that don't agree with his political ideology will be revealed in a way never before seen in the history of the USA.

The use of violence and force on many Americans at the Obama administrations hands will require the proper repercussions. Targeting specific Americans for punishment dished out by his government employees will not go without revenge against him and his administration.

There is no Plausible Deniability that will flush with the American people in the most recent traitorous events.

Mark my words.

why 21days?

Are you receding to something?

I predict IRS government

I predict IRS government employees will also become targets of the Civil Insurrection when the time comes. Their targeting of We the People as their political enemies has sealed that fate.

I'm just the messenger.

I'm just the messenger.

I Am Glad You Posted Those Videos

I posted both of those videos but they weren't viewed much so I am glad to see you getting the word out again!!!!!!!! People need to see them.


The Zombie Apocalypse

Will spring forth from the ranks of government employees. The thin veneer of "civilized" behavior, or "taxation", will be wrenched off the face of these beasts, and they will endeavor to continue what they have been doing for decades, sucking the lifeblood and sweat from productive individuals, taking what they want by coercion and force, to make themselves as comfortable as they can. That is the real war to come.


Face the truth, good people of the DP

Don't feed the tax feeders



Good point,

my significant other works in an area that sees this on a regular basis. Unfortunately, and somewhat revealing, I'm told that some of the kids that are sent to the secondary "alternative learning", as it's known, to work out their differences with the teacher that sent them there usually go back simply because it's less stressful!

A sign that some of Amerikas youth have woken up.

I edited this thread and

I edited this thread and added videos for impact.

People make money when people fight each other.

When rule of law is suspended obscene war profits are gathered.

Why feed the beast?

When the cost of oppression exceeds the expected profits only a fool invests.

Congress is just that sort of fool, borrowing, taxing and looting any thing that moves or doesn't move.

Fact is Congress created a massive economic failure, when it established the Federal Reserve.

Un-relenting they hope and pray we will fight among ourselves. Would the wealthy invest in that?

Instead of paying to oppress they can profit from conflict.
They can shrug, "If the stupid people fight, who cares."

Free includes debt-free!

Regardless of the macro

Regardless of the macro picture, the fight must begin at home. Get the local government under control and work out from there. Do this on thousands of fronts across the country at the same time. Then cut off the heads of the evil operation which will be easier when the time comes.

TBC: 911 Call - David Silva

TBC: 911 Call - David Silva Death

Hope They Didn't Come Take Her Camera

She shouldn't have told them all that.


I don't want the Federal

I don't want the Federal Government Brand of Safety.

deacon's picture

what you say might be true

but it will not be anyone against the fed gov
it will between people,the average citizen will take up arms
against each other,and while this goes on the ones who really caused this whole mess will slip away
this is why we are told to live in fear of just about everything,most buy into this nonsense
this is why patriot groups have been vilified.this is the reason why obama told them college kids not to listen to them voices
this is the reason for all the false flags we have witnessed here
info has gotten out about fed involvement in all manner ill
will towards others,this will be blamed on average people,and we will be pitted against our neighbors,friends and family
we are told by fema is you see something,say something
this is the reason why cops are armed to the teeth with mil hardware
remember they do not fight their battles,we are the beasts of burden,chattle ans pawns
the ones in charge do not fight their own wars,they lie cheat and steal to get others to do it for them,and this tactic has served them well

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

it will between people,the

it will between people,the average citizen will take up arms against each other

I understand your point that those who actually 'hold office' won't be the ones fighting, those empty suits would never lead the charge, but the war won't be between the people per se unless it's about protecting one's family against the roving hoardes. I doubt there are as many democrats/hard left armed as well as patriots. The war will be against those wanting fidelity/restoration to the founding principles and documents who will fight the hardest because they actually have something to fight for. Those seeking the nanny state will do what they do best, sit back and let nanny fumble around.
The milpols (militarized police) aren't 'average citizens' because they suck off the people's tax teet. And look at all the cowards on the DC Traitors' side - you honestly think TSA agents have any heart? Most bullies are really cowards, and those guys are hiding behind their uniform in the false belief it represents authority. As far as I know - it ain't bullet-proof.
As for the actual military, I'm sorry to say I think that may be split. That may be for them to actually sort out amongst themselves - those who take their oath seriously may just have to pop those who are traitors.
You talk about the DC Traitors propaganda, but you don't take into account what we've seen in the ME. Look what they did to Saddam, Kaddafi - the search for them was relentless and outcome not pretty. Push comes to shove, the hunt will be just as dedicated.
Also, if all those traitors do run away, how much easier would it be for the people to take back DC? Once in charge, we can hunt them down just like they did for the Nazis.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I thought long and hard on

I thought long and hard on this topic. Who do you wage war on in our situation? The top people in the federal branches? The top people in the banking system? The top people in the major corporations?

Yes many people in close proximity to those people will take action and take them out, and the federal employees in close proximity in local places will be taken out by locals as well. But the major battle will be against the state and local government employee enforcers whom have worked against the public trust, that use their power to steal our wealth and livelihoods, that enslave and imprison us with every frivolous unconstitutional law and color of law they can dream up.

The government enforcers will be the easiest targets.


I have never posted on Mod Box to remove a post, or poster, but that's my next stop.

I am NOT for a police state, however, if you were put in prison for your THREAT I'd cheer.

the granger

making more idiotic comments to get attention . .
I cant take you seriously granger.
If you are serious, hopefully your family will feel the gubmint sometime while you get to stand by and watch. Kindest Regards. :)

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I suppose you would have ratted out Patrick Henry

when he made his 'Give me liberty' speech. You would have ratted out Washington, Jefferson, George Mason, Edmund Randolph, Thomas Marshall (father of John), too, for being present while Henry awoke the American Spirit.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

It's not a threat, nor do I

It's not a threat, nor do I lead the charge. I just point out the observation and logical progression.

Understanding Threats


“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Now that's an educational

Now that's an educational video.

What threat?

We're talking strategy and what would need to be done? Do you honestly believe the DC traitors aren't doing the same? Have you never read the MIAC Report, or anything coming out of the Dept of Homeland Security? What are all those bullets for? What do you think all those treaties with other nations' military is about, or the training of foreign troops on OUR land? Did you forget about Katrina where the military roved the street and the peoples' guns were consfiscated by force?
Why are they allowed to strategize against us and we are not allowed to consider the moves we must make to counter such things?
The People hold the Authority in this country. It seems you have forgotten that.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

deacon's picture

so,no free speech either?

i can see how this place will going down now
maybe its a blessing

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression


Who do you wage war on in our situation? The top people in the federal branches? The top people in the banking system? The top people in the major corporations?

I've come to the exact same conslusion. Yes, yes, yes to the last 3 questions. There will be no other way. To let those guys go would mean they would just continue to wreak havoc in another part of the world.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison