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'Robin Hooders' face lawsuit for plugging parking meters

Amazing coverage of Robin Hooding by NBC Boston. Check it out. It might blow you away.
by Ryan Schulteis

“When you save someone from a ticket people are really appreciative of that,” said Garrett Ean, “Robin Hood of Keene”. The Robin Hooders patrol the streets of Keene searching for the parking officers and try to beat them -- with coins -- to the meter. “My husband had it a few weeks ago. He was just running a little late in one of the stores…and when he came back he had the little card there saying they had put a little extra money in for him. It definitely saved him,” said Pam Stetzer. But the City of Keene apparently doesn’t agree. The group says they were served with a lawsuit by the city, claiming they're harassing the parking officers.
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I love this story. Think

I love this story. Think I'll start a meter plugging meet up group. They need a brigade for the city of Lawrence Talk about a pinko commie liberal pc police state. You can't even smoke outdoors down town. I look forward to the day when the higher ed/professional college sports complex collapses.


WWJD?! If we are helping our family (every human being on earth) from having to pay a parking ticket, is that wrong?! I think it is very "Christian" of them! Harassment would be interfering with a meter person writing a ticket. Putting money in the meters is not against any law, or harassment, that I can comprehend!

The Free Staters!

You better believe the only reason why they were subpoenaed is because the city is losing thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

We're watching you, Ripley!

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I could not believe it!

In the comments, someone actually said these people were causing more harm than good, because if the city does not collect enough in parking fines then they will have to raise taxes or fire/lay off city employees.

I could not let that go. Voted down and replied to. Feel free to pile on.

In LA she was called meter fairy (15 years ago?)

And if I recall they slapped her with a fine for costing tens of thousands in lost revenue to the city.

Good for Mayer of Keene for not going LA on them.

awesome, awesome, awesome

Keene, NH? Methinks these might be some Free Staters. This is how we win people over and expose the absurdity of the state.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

It was about half free

It was about half free staters and half non-free staters. Unfortunately, government workers in the city created several false whisper campaigns against the Robin Hooders so now a lot of the statists in the city don't like Robin Hooders. It's pretty crazy. You tell someone a bunch of lies about a hero, and before you know it, people start believing that heroes are bad people...

Live Free or Die!