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Someone Posted This All Around My College

The Disturbing thing is that there has actually been a countless amount of robberies going on in and around this building. I have received multiple crime alerts through email warning me to watch my back.These gun-free zones sure make us safer right?? Not.
This school also has a zero tolerance policy towards violence. So if I were to defend myself with an equal amount of force against a mugger, I would get charged with a misdemeanor. This actually happened to one of the students. The stupidity of the people running our public institutions nowadays is unbelievable...


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I managed to find the image

I managed to find the image online if anyone wants to print it out. Just white out the "Alabama State Board of Education" text on the bottom right hand corner and it's good to go.


This needs to happen

This needs to happen everywhere. I can't believe I haven't been doing this.

I'm sure going to have something to talk about at open-carry lunch this Sunday!

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You should get one, scan it, and upload it as a .pdf

so we can print them and post them on the bulletin boards at our various institutes of "higher learning."

Find them and thank them then

ask if they need any help putting more posts up.

Congratulations to "somebody"

I like it! I think the bulletin boards should get a posting as well: Zero-Tolerance Policy on Violence--you will be arrested and then expelled if you defend yourself against an attacker.

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You need to find this person...

They are an ally. :)

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