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Audit The IRS

When Ron Paul said, "The Federal Reserve needs to be audited," in 2008 people thought he was nuts.

When Ron Paul said, "End The Fed," in 2012 people thought he was a genius. And although he didn't accomplish his ultimate goal, he did change the game and exposed the Fed for what they really are - a private business, not part of of the US government with way too much power and influence over our economy.

Problem was...Ron Paul wasn't fortunate enough to have the Fed caught red handed with their hands in the cookie jar, like the IRS just did.

The IRS got caught red handed with their hands in the cookie jar. The IRS has acted in a criminal way, and their crimes could possibly lead all the way to the White House. Meanwhile, the president acts as if he just learned about it on Fox News.

Audit The IRS. Call me skeptical, but I think it takes a lot more than 15 IRS agents to steal the health records of millions of people.

It also takes a very high level of sophisticated coordination and management at, "the top," of the IRS and the US government to do what they have done regarding the deliberate targeting of American Patriots who dare say that they love the United States Constitution and cherish our Bill of Rights given to us by so many that have died for our freedom.

At first I thought the Benghazi scandal was more important, but think about it from a media perspective....

How many people in America know anything about "Benghazi?"

Not many people, only those who pay close attention to the news.

How many people in America know anything about the IRS?

About 300 million. The IRS scandal is much bigger than Benghazi.

Not only is it a more, "popular," and more accessible (easy to understand) story to the average American, many republicans in Congress are working day and night to make sure Obamacare never gets implemented, funded and enforced....by the IRS.

On a side note, I owe them money. Do I have a good legal reason to not pay them now that we all know the IRS is a criminal enterprise engaging in treasonous acts against the citizens of the United States?

If I pay money to the IRS, I could technically be charged as a terrorist given the very broad definition provided in the "Patriot," Act.

Giving money to any political group, organization, or business engaged in treasonous, criminal acts against the United States can now be perceived as being some sort of terrorist activity.

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