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Is anyone else going to fund the blimp?

I was wondering if anyone else was going to fund the blimp. They need about 7200 now or else it is going down for the count. Is anyone interested in trying to keep it afloat?

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Anyone who buys blimp-time now is getting incredible leverage since only a few more dollars will keep the blimp in the air!

This is chump-change compared to the cost of TV ads.

You know

I find the blimp to be pretty cool, but...

I think a fund for print ads would be more beneficial. I'm am not saying 'down with the blimp' but you gotta wonder if it really does any great good.
Just a thought.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

I will support the blimp

for key appearances- not Sunday drives : ) I REALLY like the billboard campaign in Texas etal, educational print ads etc. The blimp is kinda "our thing" so I dont wanna see it die- just used for specific strategic key engagements.

No instant gratification...

Purchases are not instantly shown, as are donations on the RP campaign site, but they are desperately needed. I sponsored another $50 earlier this evening.

Purchase "air-time" now! Dr. Paul must maintain air-superiority!

I've donated $500 to date

feeling like I should take a break on the blimp. I've also given to a number of other grass roots efforts this week. If it still needs $$ tomorrow night Ill go another $50.

I just donated again, but it didn't show up in the total.

How long does it take to change the total after a donation is made?

Not sure exactly.

Not sure exactly how long it takes to show up but it seems like it is updated every 15-30 minutes

Only need 6,610 more

Only need 6610 more dollars

just in again

We really only need another 288 people to donate $25 dollars each and the blimp wil fly again.

Isn't your freedom worth it. Doesn't RP hold down a congressional seat and campaign at that same time. Is he paid to campaign for the presidency? The answer is No. He does it out of conviction to give you, your children, and your grandchildren freedom and liberty and he doesn't even know you. People, that is sacrifice. And all we need to come up with is $25 each?


If you can donate for this. If only we can keep the blimp in the air for the Daytona Race...

Come on, only 7200? We can do this.

I would like to keep the

I would like to keep the blimp going, but I think google ron paul hurts as much as it helps because of all the negative spin stuff being put out there about him. I think they should remove that message from the blimp and replace it with Ron Paul hope for America.


I would like to see it up until Super Tuesday at least.

Blimp bump

We can surely come up with 7k. This is too important to let go right now. Please send ten dollars or more today.

Bob W., Naples, FL

go up top

on around!

I am in for another 50...

Let's give the Good Doctor some much deserved "Air Time"!!!

1.8 million in one day, and we can't get 7000 more to keep the blimp up? Come on folks! Now is not the time for Fair Weather Patriots, although I boldly forecast fair weather thru Super Tuesday for the Blimp, but ONLY if we continue to sponsor it!

They do not think even if

They do not think even if this 7000 comes in tat they can keep it up til super tuesday. I understood that they were going to NC after Boca Raton, and then it would be grounded, as it is just too much money to keep it up. However, they did mention that they have some other good and cheaper ideas so we will just have to see. I think they said it was like $100000/mo to keep the blimp up.