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Time for my nightly jam drink

Ok, yeah I'm goofing around. But here's the drink I'm talking about. Give it a try of you desire.

Start with a low ball glass.

Add several ice cubes and 1 - 1 1/2oz. vodka.

Add a small splash of black cherry juice concentrate.

Add a slightly larger splash of blueberry juice.

Top up with pure cranberry juice and enjoy.

Tastes a bit like a jam drink, doesn't it?

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Bénédictine-and-sugar loop

1) get liquor glass, fill with Bénédictine

2) get a chunk of sugar (preferably, brown)

3) dip the sugar chunk 2 seconds and eat it

4) sip from glass

5) loop back to 2)


Replace Bénédictine with Calvados or Cognac.



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Sounds very good. Been a

Sounds very good. Been a long time for me with Benedictine. All of that is a little too high glycemic for me, but wonderful stuff.

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