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Beautiful RP National Delegate running for 1st Vice Chair of Georgia GOP (Video)

Check this out! Catherine Bernard, a public defender from Dublin Georgia, is running for 1st vice chair of the Georgia Republican Party. The vote is this weekend at the GAGOP State Convention. She's been getting a lot of flak from her establishment opponent for voting her conscious at the RNC. Her opponents have even gone so far as to call the infamous RNC rule 16 (which can strip delegates of credentials who will not vote for "presumptive nominee") "The Catherine Bernard Rule", as it will prevent 'insurgent' delegates like her from voting their conscience in the future (Or according to her opponents, not showing unity and thus strengthening the Democrats). Here's a short video Catherine has made to send out to the State Convention Delegates who will be convening this weekend in Athens GA. She's been driving all over the state for the last 6 months campaigning hard! Vote it up and view it up folks!!! Let's show her some support.


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Another Video

Here a video she sent to all the delegates a couple of days ago http://youtu.be/N4XMth-eZ9Y

Best of luck to Catherine!

Just my opinion, but the headline irritates me - are we voting based on looks now? Yes, she is beautiful, what does that have to do with her candidacy? I'd have clicked this a lot sooner if it read "Tough as nails liberty lover running - beautiful, too!" or something that did not sort of imply that I should support her because she is pretty.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Sorry about that... Just my

Sorry about that... Just my personal thoughts on the matter. This is not an official campaign post or anything.

I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Catherine on one

of the Ron Paul buses heading to Whiskey Joe's in Tampa. She is a very eloquent representative of the liberty movement, and I wish her great success. Good luck Catherine!