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Sen. Rand Paul on Fox's America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer - 5/16/13

Sen. Rand Paul appears on America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer to discuss the Benghazi attacks.

Rand Paul Discuss Benghazi, AP Scandal on CNN's "The Situation Room" w/ Wolf Blitzer

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Read what he is saying. He wants to make a building that was neither consulate nor embassy, into a military base. This was not a military building, this was a State Department run mission, usually meaning see eye aye. Ron Paul would argue that we should have had no one there to begin with, let alone SEND IN OUR MILITARY. This scares me from Rand. I will not support this aspect of his interventionism.


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"He wants to make a building...into a military base."

Wrong! That is NOT what he said! Listen again.

He said the military should have been providing security for the facility. Having some troops guarding a building does not make a military base! We're talking about providing security for (what is claimed to be) a diplomatic facility. All diplomatic facilities the world over require security of some kind, this is not interventionism. This is not war-mongering. Obviously the security at the Benghazi facility was inadequate, Rand says it could have been better. WTF is the problem with that?

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This is the difference between Ron and Rand

Rand Paul attacks persons responsible for the wrongdoings and Ron Paul doesn't attack persons involved, instead attacks the system behind. I agree with Rand making people responsible for the crimes. If we blame only the system, criminals escape.

Did anybody notice mention of 9/11 in this video?

Right at the beginning of this video the Fox News reporter mentions over 100 pages of documents regarding the attacks of 911 and Benghazi. I would like to hear what was in the 911 documents regarding the shaping of the story, which is what this piece is about.

Did anybody else notice that??

The Benghazi attack took

The Benghazi attack took place on 9/11/12.

Evidently, the buck does not stop

anywhere near Obama, Hillary, or Holder. My only hope is that these scandals wake up a few more people to the tyranny that has taken over our country.

How Come?

Maybe I should question why I question stuff including why Rand goes on the BS channels. Just me yammering maybe.


what happened to skippy?

what happened to skippy?

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Apparently one or more moderators are making a mess of the place

They're banning people, and causing contributions to stop, his and mine included.

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Sen. Rand Paul on CNN's The Situation Room - 5/16/13


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