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Are Obama scandals coming out because he won't bomb Syria, Iran, and North Korea?

I first want to put the disclaimer out that I am no fan of Obama and these scandals are impeachable. However, I also know that these scandals aren't new to government. Some AP reporters phone records got tapped, but what about the government having access to all our emails and the data center in Utah? I also know that every drip-drip-drip headline I see on Drudge comes from the neocon William Kristol's (who weilds a ton of power in Washington) Weekly Standard. Is Benghazi really that big of a scandal because three people died when thousands and thousands of men, women, and children lost their lives in Iraq over the false WMD claim? Remember, Nixon was on his way to ending the Cold War before Watergate came out. Both Nixon and Obama are scum, but you sometimes have to wonder about these things.

William Kristol to Obama: Start a war with Syria, or whatever....

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Obama and his food taster should start taking extra

precautions. When your biggest fans in your bubble start popping out it means big trouble. Look at history. Assassination, sudden death or coup d'état.

William Kristol

what a big surprise:

"Kristol was born on December 23, 1952 in New York City, into a Jewish family. "


The Ancient Ones are

The Ancient Ones are displeased. The ritual sacrifice wasn't made according to protocol and the Director wants to have a word on the Red Phone...

Makes sense to me

wouldn't doubt it one bit


I think that's really plausable

Think for a second about the Benghazi incident. We know there are two factions in the government. One war mongering Romney camp , the other socialist Obama camp. Right in the midst of the campaign is the attack presumably by Al-Qaeda.

Is it too far-fetched to think the Romney-Zionist camp instigated the attacks to throw off the elections and make Obama lose?

Now that Israel caused that little commotion in Syria the other week, I can't help to think it was Obama's cue, but he ignored it. The line he drew in the sand concerning chemical weapons was crossed, if you believe Israel's story but Obama didn't act.

Obama has his own evil agenda and the Zionists have theirs. What we're seeing is in-fighting and it's going to be one crazy fight.

I agree with your points

In terms of monetary issues, the Neocon faction wants to maintain their global dominance by having the Federal Reserve be in charge of the next global currency. They also want to maintain the Opec/dollar standard and have the U.S. military as the world's police. while the Obama/globalist/socialist/communist camp want to dismantle America's global dominance and create a new global currency to replace the dollar.

Both groups seek power and world domination but they seem to have different strategies.

Good thing is they're all going to fail miserably because what they're trying to do is unnatural and goes against nature.

Their grand schemes are bound to fail.

Good points

I think Obama would love to just be left alone to socially engineer his perfect utopian society in this country, one that rewards women and minorities (i.e., "diversity") and punishes rugged individualism.


Maybe people within the media

Maybe people within the media have really started to wake up? Perhaps they've been reading the Daily Paul lately and changed their minds?

Maybe a lot of people in very high places finally realized that Obamacare will destroy the American economy?

Maybe Obama was set up to fail all along?

I seriously doubt he's being targeted simply because he might be unwilling to lob a few missiles into Syria, Iran or North Korea.

Why? Because Obama has been a bigger warmonger than George W. Bush!

After Obama took office in 2008, the casualties of US troops skyrocketed. Civilian casualties skyrocketed. It is a fact that more US troops died under Obama's first term than former President George W. Bush's two terms combined.

Obama has done nothing but escalate war and death.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

The timing

It is weird that these three big stories are getting so much attention this week because none of them happened this week.

Two groups Bill Kristol and the Neo-Cons hate:



The IRS scandal hits us and Obama, and only helps the neo-cons.

Not surprising since it was a George Bush appointee running the show until this year.

And yeah, Syria is really pissing them off, you can see them (the Neo-Cons) almost daily trying to escalate it with reports, and their little pocket faction the 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' which is just one dude in Britain.

YES, that bastion of freedom the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" which is quoted daily by all the news organizations is just one dude in an apartment in Britain.

The same MSM morons who discount anything we have to say as conspiracy theory have no problem believing this idiot.

When all the focus is domestic...look away

Southern Sudan, Uganda and Kenya are next on the list

Agreed. That Beghazi affair

Agreed. That Beghazi affair is food for pseudo-thought for Hillbillies only. I am tired of hearing stupid arguments over this pseudo-issue.

My point of view is that someone is putting pressure on Obama in Xchange for => (x,y,z). It is also my point of view that a sensible person should be balances and remember this is not Democratic/Republican issue. Any other puppet...errrrr... president would do the same stuff regardless of party affiliation.

Nixon was impeached for

Nixon was impeached for covering up a burglary. You don't think Benghazi is worse? Where 4 men lost their lives and a US Ambassador?

I think one too many media outlets have simply come to realize they are all one small step away from becoming Bradley Manning or Julian Assange.

I think the tide really started turning the day Obama gave his crybaby speech over the gun control defeat.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I think Cheney's stand down

I think Cheney's stand down order on 9/11 was much worse.

I absolutely agree.

I absolutely agree. The sheeple aren't ready to talk about 9-11 though. It's like Fight Club.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

If that were the case

I'd gain about .1% of a modicum of respect for him.

AIPAC and Israel have very long arms

They are more powerful than people give them credit for.


Give that man a prize!

I was thinking the very same

I was thinking the very same thing. Why are the globlist's going after him?


I think there may be more to the scandals then we are ready to believe:


Of course, it seems quite impossible but as for TPTB who truly knows the agenda?

No, I think they are coming

No, I think they are coming out because the administration targeted the AP. When they blanket attacked 100 AP reporters, it didn't matter what party affiliation they were. Work and personal calls, phone numbers, and home numbers were taken. These people have families too. Those who have questioned Obama in the past probably experienced some kind of intimidation. This would allow the news to become one-sided. But when they targeted all the reporters, they crossed the line. I believe this is all coming out because they are pushing back. They probably had a lot of these stories already and were afraid to say anything. I believe this is pushback for crossing the line. I used to work in media and they don't like someone to control every aspect of what they report. And when they involve whistleblowers, people in Congress willing to talk to the media, the reporters themselves and possibly their families,....that crosses the line. And between the AP story and the fact that the IRS admitted going after conservative groups and that the CIA and administration (et al) were lying to cover what happened in Benghazi, it all paints a "pretty" picture of what this administration will do at any cost. Can you imagine if Obama and Holder continued to assert authority to drone strike American citizens here at home? The press probably is waking up now. We're at critical mass!


Obama is an empty vessel....If he was 1 percent maverick he would not have gotten near the presidency, much less been installed there twice.

The scandals are either a distraction from something worse, or there are plans in the works to cycle Obama out and attempt to restore confidence in their system.

Or, possibly, there are competing factions pulling strings, and Obama's handlers are at odds with some other psychos.....Could be the sacks of filth who command Hillary are at war with the sacks of filth who command Obama.

Any way you cut it, though, no, Obama is not having any attacks of conscience and refusing to do evil.