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OKC bombing- The 3rd Terrorist

I've read all about Officer Terrance Yeakey, and other suspicious coincidences, but I happened across a book titled "The 3rd Terrorist" by Jayna Davis in the library last week that tries to make the case that radical Islamists aided McVeigh and Nichols in the act. Well this was news to me,so I checked the book out. Now, 50 pages into it, I'm debating on finishing it because it uses too many fictitious names to "protect the identity" of those coming forward. Anyone else read this book or done more research into this theory that might help me decide if it is worth the time?

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at the time of the bombing

at the time of the bombing even mainstream news was admitting that the fbi was even reluctantly admitting that there was another person of interest that they were looking for.

luckily o.j. simpson and stuff erased anything to do with anything important..... and real journalism was forgotten..