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So you REALLY wanna WIN? Become a precinct leader now!

"I am now a believer in door to door. Today (12/22) was my first day, and oh boy, I wish I'd started sooner. It was suprisingly easy too, and I've never done this before; I'm not a salesman. It is also the MOST rewarding to get the word out. So many people out there will support Ron Paul and had NO PLANS to vote in the primary. GET OUT THERE PEOPLE. We have the NUMBERS. If every Ron Paul supporter who's active on the internet went out and did a few dozen homes, it will be a SLAM DUNK in the primaries."

Jason, California


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Sign up even if you don't want to canvass...

If you're too shy or too busy to canvass you can send a short letter notifying your precinct of when and where to vote and, of course, why Ron Paul. You can also offer to drive them to the polling station or answer any questions on RP's platform. It is much, much better than doing nothing. Also, don't feel overwhelmed by covering a precinct. My precinct only has 250 Republicans in it. I can do that in a couple days!!

Make it happen patriots!!

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I did and so can you.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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The people shall overcome.

The people shall overcome.

Not to forget this.

Not to forget this.

People notice these things

Nice job! Keep it up! People notice the signs too. I was calling my precinct list, and this guy said he noticed the signs and the literature at the door. It was just enough to spark his interest.

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The message is on our side.

The message is on our side.